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leDragonfly - The Unit
leDragonfly - The Unit
Saturday, June 13th, 2009. This is what we saw and loved immediately when we arrived at TrailersPlus on McGloughlin Blvd. in Milwaukee, OR.
Here we are, hooked up and ready to roll, 2 hours later. We paid $6,300 for the Cargo Trailer, as opposed to over $18,000 for the 'Hard Core Toy Hauler' we looked at in Lagrande, OR, the day before. Of course, there was alot of work to do in the next three weeks to get ready for our trip to Billings, MT.
Finished, except that the windows have yet to arrive. Still, the total cost of the trailer is under $10,000! Now, let's load 'er up!
1st to arrive - the Toy Hauler
On the way to Billings, MT & StarDays 2009!
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