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      Left over delite - Holiday edition

Note: All recipes are from my own collection, church cookbooks, Girl Scout lore, or the college classic "A man, a can and a plan".

What do you do with leftover eggnog after a big holiday party?  If the nog is still in a glass on the countertop you better throw it out. If, however, liquor was added….hmmm maybe the stuff is still good. Reuse?

Option 1:  Drink it - easy and you can recreate the previous night's party the next morning.  Add some cinnamon or nutmeg to disguise the taste.

Option 2:  Eggnog is nothing more than eggs with half-half milk and can be substituted in easy recipes like French toast. The great think about French toast is that you can get rid of two leftovers, old eggnog and stale white bread!  Add a few additional eggs, if you wish, to the eggnog for this recipe.

1-cup eggnog (with 2-3) eggs added. Another good source of flavor if you don't have enough eggnog is leftover flavored dairy coffee creamer (like French vanilla or crème Brule). Dip the stale bread (white bread, not rye, dark wheat or beer bread!) into the milk mixture until coated and place on a heated griddle sprayed with vegetable oil. Heat each side until brown and crispy and flip over to heat the other side.  Note: vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon can be added, if desired. Although pancake syrup is a safe choice for a topping you can also use yogurt, berries (leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving!) or honey and jelly also works as a topping. Be creative and you can get rid of even more leftovers. My personal fav is to mash up too-ripe bananas with some honey and heat up for 20-seconds in a microwave and use this to top the French toast. If you have leftover chopped nuts from holiday baking, add them on top. Think of this as a breakfast banana split. I have even tried a peanut-butter and vanilla yogurt combo…not too bad.

Option 3: Dutch Babies (a real recipe for a change) * created by the Dutch because they hate wasting food and love serving large groups of people.

1/3 Cup butter or margarine
5-Large or X-large eggs
1- Cup milk
Note: you can substitute eggnog and use 4 regular eggs but it won't puff up as nice
1-Cup regular flour
Powdered sugar, syrup and lemon wedges (opt)

Put butter in a 9x13-in baking dish and set in a 425-degree oven to melt (about 3-minutes). Do not keep the butter in the oven too long or it will scorch, smell really bad and ruin your baking dish. I've had some previous experience with scorched pans. While butter is melting, put the eggs in a blender and blend on high for 1-minute. Gradually add milk, then flour (slowly); blend for 30-seconds. Remove the baking dish from the oven and pour the batter into the hot, melted butter. Return to heated 425-degree oven and bake until puffy and nicely browned, approx 20-25 minutes. Serve hot with the powdered sugar, syrup and fresh lemon wedges.