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Saturday, January 23, 2016
XXX miles today.
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Approx. XXXX miles thus far.
Approx. XXXX miles to go.
Wow, where has the time gone? It's been almost 5 years since I've entered anything into this log, but seenin' as we have experienced some new developments lately it is time.

   Last spring we noticed that the travel bug was causing us to get the itch for travel so we started looking around for something that would satisfy our need. After some time spent looking around at some of the RV dealers around here (there are MANY!) we came across a small hybrid travel trailer that Shirley (and me too) fell for . . . a used 2012 Lance 1274.

    Well, we were again in the RVing mode. We took it north of here to McCall, ID and stayed at a real nice RV resort there. We found out real early that the unit (Lance) was difficult to heat due to all of the canvas in the drop-down sleeping area. Later that year we went to Apache Junction, AZ for a couple of weeks and found that it was difficult also to cool in the heat. I decided that I wanted nothing more to do with 'Lance' that involved more that a couple of nights.

   Now enter 2016, Happy New Year!, and the Boise RV Show. We walked around the show, taking it all in, comparing models. We had to keep our choices well under 7,000 pound, which is the limit that our 2006 Toyota 4Runner Sport (V-8) can tow.

   We entered an area of the show that Nelsons RV was occupying and started looking at the Keystone products that were on hand. The Springdale models appeared to be the size we were looking for. When we stepped inside the 202 model we both were convinced this was it. We were beyond searching for the perfect 5th wheel due do costs and necessity. Check out the pictures on the 'Nelson' page of our web-site.

   Our first trip with 'Nelson' is being planned for the end of April, however, ya never know about us!