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Wednesday - April 6, 2011
197 miles today.
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Approx. 2160 miles thus far.
   We loaded everything, except the bike, and drove into the parking lot of the empty Oasis hotel. There I dropped the ramp on the 5th wheel and moved things into position for the bike. I walked back to our site and rode over to where we were parked and up into the trailer. Once that was all secured we were off to the KOA in Fillmore, UT.
   It was an uneventful drive, save for it's being one long uphill grade almost the whole way. Mesquite is at 1600', while Fillmore is at over 5100'. The highest we hit was 6600' about 20 miles South of here.
   We are settled in here, resting for our 365 mile leg tomorrow.
   Shirlee just returned from a walk with a Chinese food menu.
   Hmmm . . . 
Thursday - April 7, 2011
   We left Fillmore KOA around 8 this morning and headed North on I-15. Approaching Salt Lake City we entered a construction zone that went on for 15 miles. Idiot drivers abound there! As we passed through Salt Lake City what had been overcast skies turned threatening. We drove on through thunder-showers with small hail and rain. Leaving all of that behind we proceeded North until we cut off on I-84 West and on into Idaho toward Twin Falls. We exited the freeway at the sign for Jerome (across the freeway from Twin Falls), where the KOA is and found it within a mile of I-84. It's a bit cooler here, even more so than Fillmore. The staff here requires that we disconnect our water line by 9 tonight as it WILL freeze, they warned.
   We have another short drive day tomorrow of only 180 miles or so, so we might take a little drive up to
Shoshone Falls and check it out. It is called the 'Niagara of the West', with a fall of 212' and it's supposed to be really impressive in the spring. We'll see . . .   
Friday - April 8, 2011
365 miles today.
Approx. 2525 miles thus far.
   Woke up this morning to snow flurries. Great! Hopefully it'll pass.  I'm glad that I refilled my propane last yesterday when we arrived here as the furnace ran most of the night . . .
   We took the truck into Twin Falls to have breakfast and find fuel. It was still snowing pretty good so after eating & fueling we headed back to hook up to the 5th wheel and leave. I had to get up on the roof to sweep the snow off of the tops of our slides (ala Texas last year) in order to get them retracted. We left and headed West on I-84 and finally got out of the snow 30 miles East of Boise, ID. We still were fighting headwinds all of the way and the fuel gauge showed it!
   We reached Fruitland, ID at about 2:30 PM and settled down at Dr. Furm & Janis Duncan's 'RV Spot' on their property. We ordered pizza at chatted along with Greta, catching up on the happenings since we were last together. Shirlee & I always enjoy their company and rousing conversation.   
179 miles today.
Approx. 2704 miles thus far.
Saturday - April 9, 2011
   Over coffee & tea this morning we decided to leave here tomorrow due to possible snow out of LaGrand, OR and Cabbage Hill, above Pendleton, OR. We'd just as soon avoid any chance of having to drive in those conditions and Sunday looks like a good travel day.
   We had a great day here visiting, going bowling with Geoff's family, and finally supper with Furm & Janis and the kids at their house.
   We are leaving here in the morning after having breakfast with the kids. 
Sunday - April 10, 2011
   We had breakfast with the kids and then returned to the 5th wheel and prepared to head North toward Arlington, OR for our last night on the road. The trip was uneventful, including a safe transit of Cabbage Hill.
   We pulled into the RV Park at the marina in Arlington where we found that there really wasn't enough room in their spaces for our rig, so we decided to just head for home. As we were pulling out a lady came running up to us, signaling for us to stop. Turns out she had seen our 'For Sale' sign on the 5th wheel and wanted her husband to see it. We took them on a tour of the rig(s) for a while and they were fairly impressed with what we had and what we were asking for it all. We left Arlington with assurances that they would give us a call later, and proceeded westward.
   We arrived home in Camas about 5:30 PM where we were warmly greeted by our great neighbors Phil & Kathi.
   After removing certain 'needed' items from the 5th wheel (including the 'boys', who were excited about being home!) we settled in to our home. We have lots to do in the coming months, including a possible move to Mesquite.
   This trip, however, is over! And it's probably the last one that will involve any RV.
   That said, NEVER say never!