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Friday - March 18, 2011
174 miles today.
Approx. 1963 miles thus far.
   We left Kingman around 9 AM, heading for Las Vegas, and the Hitching Post RV Park where we plan to meet up with Don & Carm when they arrive in the area next week. Upon arrival in Las Vegas we drove to a local Discount Tire store to get that slow leak fixed on one of the 5th wheel tires. Turned out to be nothing more than a loose stem valve. I should have checked for that myself! Oh, well.
   We checked in at the RV park, got to our space and found it to be not to our liking. It was pretty small and tight. We decided to bail and head for Mesquite. I had to back out of the 'pull-through' space just to get out! Mesquite is just 70 miles up the road, so when (and if) they (Don & Carm) get to 'Vegas, we'll just drive down for a visit. We don't really care for Las Vegas anyway.
   Driving up US 93 was pretty boring, but once we got to within 3 miles of Mesquite the road descended into a river valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is an oasis!
   We got to Mesquite around 3 PM and registered at the
Casablanca Resort/Casino where we were assigned a spot and directions on how to get there. When we arrived there was a coach next door that was infringing on our space so much that we were unable to get set up. I called the front desk and got reassigned to another space I had looked at. All set up now and we find out that there is no internet service here. Great! However, other than that, this is a nice place. We can't hardly wait until tomorrow to do some exploring around. We ate at the casino where there was a seafood buffet that was outstanding! And at only $16 per head!
   Anyway, I'll get this posted sometime. They said there is free WiFi down the road at a McDonalds, but we'll see what other 'options' there are. 
Saturday - March 19, 2011
   Windy here this morning, as was forecast a couple of days ago when we were planning our stay in Las Vegas. There is supposed to be two days of thunder showers - can't get on the internet as yet to update our info.
   It's been on the cool-windy side here, but pleasant. We are trying to change spaces here to get one that is big enough for the 5th wheel & the truck. We have to park in a parking lot behind us for now.
   We drove around town looking for 'For Sale' signs and saw a couple of the properties that we had seen on the internet, even one listed at $119,900 that was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 3 car garage. It, like most of the ones we saw, looked like it had been vacant for some time, and from what we could see through the windows,seemed to need some TLC inside and out.
    Touring the residential neighborhoods we came upon a new developement in same same relative area of town on the South side of the freeway. There was no one at the model home, but there was a phone number to reach someone who was at another developement on the other side of the freeway on some hills overlooking the city. We called the person and he told us no one would be at 1st site until later, but we were welcome to come up to the other developement called
Falcon Crest. Following our GPS to the address given we entered a gated community and continued up the hill until we came to the model home where we were met by a Mr. John Johnson. The model home is located on one of the fairways at the golf course here, and some of the available properties are next to it. These properties are all in phase 3 of a 3 phase project. Most of the lots have good views of the mountains to the South and East, and a couple have gorgeous - to die for - views, including one we both really like. The model home showed beautiful finishings throughout with 'Green' appliances and fixtures. We were both truely impressed with the properties.        
Sunday - March 20, 2011
   Overcast and cool here. There's a big weather system going through CA that has even closed I-5 at Cabbage Hill!
   We've been doing more driving around looking at properties and also talking to realtors. We really like this area, as do other RVer's we have talked with.  
Monday - March 21, 2011
   First day of Spring! It is blowing and raining hard this morning! Our first rain in a month! Hopefully it will pass by and we'll be in sunshine tomorrow as we are scheduled to move to a larger spot here at the RV park, where we can actually have our truck next to us.
   The rain and wind has stopped this afternoon at the weather looks promising. We rode around somemore and talked with another realtor at a new developement below the
Falcon Crest developement that we like so much called Shadow Hawk. Same builder here, but smaller lots and homes, and no real views. Still looking . . .  
Tuesday - March 22, 2011
   Ah . . . back to gorgeous sunshine!
   This morning I unloaded the motorcycle and drove it across the park to our new bigger space and then I started tearing down the cat cage and hook-ups, then put it all in the back of the pick-up, drove over to the new spot, unloaded, then returned to hook up to the 5th wheel to move it to our new space.
   After that was all done and we were set up a realtor that Shirlee had contacted came by to pick us up to show us a few properties around, all on the North side of the freeway where the great views are. The realtor (Sue) was real pleasant and friendly, and she showed us about 6 homes. We are to meet with her again tomorrow when she will have more ideas based on our requirements.
   Back 'home', I looked on the laptop and found that I had a weak WiFi signal. I dug out my remote antennae and plugged it in and then we had a 'useable' connection! However, it is slow! We've downloaded our e-mails and will try to start catching up. I'll try to get this uploaded also.  
Wednesday - March 23, 2011
   Beautiful morning here.
   I've still not been able to upload this log with what internet service we have, so I'll bite the bullet and take the laptop down to McDonald's and use their Wi-Fi.
   Sue - the realtor - just came by on her way to work with a couple of lists of properties for us to look over until we meet her around 3 PM this afternoon. Decisions, decisions . . .

   . . . We drove around and looked at some of the properties we had narrowed our field to, then met with Sue as arranged. We looked at 3 of the homes on our short list and we decided that the one on 'Long Iron Lane' was just something we both REALLY liked! I will post some photos when I can, due to our internet problem, but here is a link to the realtor's ad -
Our Mesquite Home?  - that has lots of pictures. The home is in a gated community and on the #7 fairway of Falcon Ridge Golf Course. There are nice views, both front and back.
   We went to the Clubhouse of the community to have a glass of a favorite beverage to celebrate, and then went to dinner at one of the casinos on the opposite side of town from where we are camped. We had a great meal, did a little gambling and then Sue drove us back to the 5th wheel, agreeing to meet in the AM to start paperwork. It's been a LONG day!
Thursday - March 24, 2011
   Rain woke me up early this morning, but by the time the sun started making it's appearance it had stopped, with mostly clear skies. Shirlee & I went to McDonalds for breakfast and to get our e-mails, then drove over to Sue's office to get things rolling. From there we went to the main office, which was close to the clubhouse we were at last night and started getting required proofs of ability to pay, and signing and initialing reams of paper.

Shirlee here:

   The house/lot we selected to bid on is a "short sale", something we wanted to avoid. The realtor, Sue, said this home bid was more of a "sure thing" because another realtor bid the same price we offered, was accepted, but backed out due to financing problems. The seller,the original owner, is also a realtor and never lived in the house which is in like new condition but we offered half what she originally paid a few years ago. The home is 1-story and really spacious (almost 2,000 sf) and on the 7th green of a golf course. The "killer" mountain views are only from the front drive way but I'm sure Bob will appreciate them as he works around the 3-stall garage! The listing says 2 br, 1.75 baths but there is also a very large office/den off the foyer and the master bathroom is very large with a big walk-in closet. The layout is similiar to Wally & Ellen's home if you imagine their living room and family room combined with a 10 ft granite eating bar separating the dining room and kitchen. Outside there is a big concrete covered patio and a landscaped 50' x 25' area that is rather overgrown between the patio and the golf cart path. After living in this RV for 5-weeks the house we bid on seems huge. We could have a party for 30 people without feeling crowded. It will take approx 6-weeks before we would be able to complete escrow and by then we would be able to finish up remodeling our Camas house and put it on the market.

  I've sent out an e-mail to those of you that are close, - hope I didn't omit anyone - plus there is that link I mentioned yesterday that has many photos of the place.
   At around 9:30 this evening Sue called to say that that seller has accepted our offer and that tomorrow the deal will go into escrow! It will still be another few weeks, or so. We've got plenty to do once we get home, preparing our house in Camas for sale.  
Friday - March 25, 2011
   Not much to report today. The weather is broken clouds with an occasional sprinkle. Looking at the news it seems that North of us is getting rain and/or snow. There is fresh snow on the mountain tops.
   We picked up a rental movie -
The Next Three Days - while shopping so our evening is all set.        
Saturday - March 26, 2011
   Raining here today as we took off for St. George, Ut to look for some things. We found some fabric at a Jo Anns store to replace the seat covers on our dining room set to a 'Southwest' theme. We then went to a local Home Depot to price refrigerators as our 'new' place here doesn't have one, provided, of course, we do get it - the 'new place'.
   We came back home after stopping at Beaver Dam, AZ to get lottery tickets. You can't get Lotto tickets in either Nevada or Utah, so that little corner of Arizona is the only place around here to buy them.
   After a little rest at 'home' we went to the CasaBlanca  and then went into to see if we could find a 'Wheel Of Fortune' machine to take advantage of. I was off playing $20 in a $.25 machine until it ran out when Shirlee came around to say she had just won $250 on a $1 machine. She was pretty excited and we decided to get some dinner. We had a pretty good meal and then decided to hit the machines again. Shirlee said she was going back to the same machine as before and after she showed me where that was I went around to the other side and started playing one. I was about $75 ahead when I heard what sounded like Shirlee laughing and screaming. I continued playing when a lady came around from where Shirlee was. I asked what had happened and she she that a woman had just hit $1000 on the wheel spin. I was just cashing out the remains of my 'winnings' when Shirlee came around with the biggest grin ever. She said that a lady had just asked her if she had hit the $1000 yet and was still standing there when she spun the wheel and hit it! This was the same lady that had told me about Shirlee hitting the prize. So . . . $1250 . . . not bad for one day Shirl!
Sunday - March 27, 2011
   Sunny skies this morning so it's a good time to head to McDonalds and update these pages.
   Today was just a kick-back type of day, with alittle driving around trying to locate things, like the Chamber of Commerce, which we never found. Probably due to asking 3 different people and getting directions to 3 different locations - all wrong! We visited a couple of nice shops looking at Southwestern decor.  
Monday - March 28, 2011
   We left camp this morning around 9:30 or so heading for the town of Springdale, UT, which is right at the Western edge of Zion National Park, on the motorcycle. Although cool, it was a great ride up there, a distance of about 75 miles from Mesquite. Mesquite sits at about 1,600', while Zion is at approximately 3,500', so the higher we went, the cooler it became. But, as the day progressed, the warmer it became.
   Springdale is like a mini-Sedona, with lots of shops and restaurants for a town it's size. We had a bite to eat at
Oscar's, a local favorite, and it is quite beautiful up there.
   After returning home we drove around town some more, just checking everything out, seeing where the shopping was.
   We got a call from Sue (realtor) and she said that we might hear from the lender about the house in around 3 weeks, instead of 6, as the same offer was made and accepted a couple of months ago, but fell through because of financing on the part of the buyer. We'll still be home by the time we hear anything tho', but everything can be handled by 'wire'.   
Tuesday - March 29, 2011
   We heard from our friends Don & Carm today saying that they had safely arrived in Las Vegas and that they were planning on riding their bike up to Mesquite for a 'day-trip', and would like to meet for breakfast tomorrow at the CasaBlanca. Of course we said 'YES'. It'll be nice to see familiar faces!
   More taking it easy in the sunshine . . .
   We discovered that the '
Nurse Jackie' Season Premier is on tonight. We'll be certain to watch that!  
Wednesday - March 30, 2011
   Oh darn! Another sunny, beautiful morning here in Mesquite. It should be a nice ride up for Don & Carm on their motorcycle . . .

   We met Don & Carm at around 10:30 at the CasaBlanca as planned and we had a good time catching up with each other's happenings. After breakfast - and a couple of 'pulls' of some slot machines - we drove back to our camp to yak some more. I made arrangements with Sue to let us show the house to them. They were impressed! Anyway, they had to return to 'Vegas by 4 PM to attend a grandkid's baseball game, so we said our goodbyes there at the house. They are continuing on the New Orleans, LA this Saturday, where Don has about a month's work scheduled. It sure was great to see them!
   We do have a moderate WiFi connection now, as I was able to get our external WiFi antennae up high enough on the roof to pick up a useable signal - at least for now, that is!
   We are also changing the length of our stay here by shortening it by a few days. We now plan to leave Mesquite on the 6th of April, spend 2 days getting to Ontario, OR where we will spend 3 days before arriving back in Camas on the 11th.  
Thursday - March 31, 2011
   We drove to the Valley Of Fires State Park today. We had been there a few years ago when we flew down to 'Vegas to attend an Army reunion of the 36th Evac Hospital that I served with in Viet-Nam, oh so long ago. It was still a pretty drive with lots of caricatures depicted in the rock formations.       
Friday - April 1, 2011
   It's our 11th anniversary today, and that's no joke. I am overwhelmed with the good fortune I have had sharing life with Shirlee and I must smile at the prospects of the next 11 years!
   We drove up to Zion National Park in celebration, stopping to eat at Oscars again before heading into the park. Upon entering the park at Zion Canyon we found that we had to take shuttle buses everywhere and reading their signs explained why. With an estimated 5,000 vehicles visiting every day, and only 450 parking spaces in that particular area - well, you do the math. It worked out pretty well, tho'. There were plenty of breathtaking vistas to see, along with spotting some groups of climbers scaling the verticle walls of the canyons that were at least 1000' high!
   Upon returning to Mesquite we rested a bit then went to
Samurai 21, a Japanese restaurant in the style of Benihana of Tokyo. It was good food, with the stylish cooks flinging their utensils around and all. We were seated with some golfers from Texas and Florida that were having a great time and they included us in their merriment! It was a fun evening. 
Saturday - April 2, 2011
   Today almost felt muggy. I suppose that it is all part of a big storm system that is moving in North of us around Salt 'Lick' City, where they are supposed to get snow in the upper elevations today. As our day progressed it started clouding up a little and the wind picked up some.
   This was a laid-back reading day. We have located 2
Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches here in Mesquite and have decided to attend one of them in the morning.
   Back to reading . . .  
Sunday - April 3, 2011
   We attended the church service at 10 this morning where we met many nice folks. The congregation leans a bit toward us older folks, which is the general make up of the Mesquite population - at least North of the I-15 freeway.
   Afterwards we returned home and spent most of the day either reading or planning for a motorcycle ride tomorrow.
   We are getting short here as we leave on Wednesday, heading toward Ontario, OR to see family for a couple of days on our way back to Camas.   
Monday - April 4, 2011
   We rode the bike up to Snow Canyon State Park, just inside Utah this morning. It was a pleasant ride, as instead of riding I-15, we rode up Old US 91 highway, a trip of about 50 miles one way. It was very nice up there, but a little chilly as we reached an elevation of just over 4,700 feet on the way there. There were lots of bicyclists at the park.

Shirlee says:
I hiked a 2-mile trail over petrified sand dunes with amazing views of the tall red peaks and lava flows. It is spring in the desert and the trail was highlighted with flowers and butterflies. I can't wait to get back to hike other trails at this gorgeous place.

   On the way back home we stopped at a taco shop in Mesquite for something to eat. I thought the food was great, but as the tacos are fried - old style - Shirlee didn't share my opinion.
   Now back 'home' we are just enjoying our remaining time here. Tomorrow we start packing everything back in place for our trip back North. 
Tuesday - April 5, 2011
   Our last full day in Mesquite and it is with mixed emotions that we get ready for tomorrow's departure. We got a call from Sue (realtor) this morning before we left for breakfast at the CasaBlanca, telling us that things were progressing rapidly. Might know something by the end of the week!
   After breakfast (I had a huge ham steak & eggs for $4.99) we played the slots for about an hour on $20 before it finally ran out. It was fun and our last bit of gambling on this trip. We (Shirlee) are still way ahead, playing all this time on their money!