RV Log Page # 0056
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Tuesday - March 15, 2011
307 miles today.
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Approx. 1789 miles thus far.
   We were up early and on the road by 8:30, but just early enough so as not to be caught in the morning traffic rush. There was a little bit of a tail wind and we managed 13.5 MPG through Phoenix, and a little beyond. After that we were on a mild rollercoaster on US93 into Kingman, AZ and we dropped back to about 9.5.
   We both like Kingman due to it's size - definitely not the sprawling megapolis of Tucson, where you drive forever to get a quart of milk or whatever! It seemed to us that anything we wanted to see was WAY on the other side of town!
   Now that we are all set up at the
Fort Beale RV Park we headed out to a "Popeyes" chicken place we spied here. Love their Cajun Rice!  
Wednesday - March 16, 2011
   Up at 6 this AM after 8 hours of good sleep. Sweetie is still sleeping so I'll try to be quiet while writing this. Today is our 11th anniversary! It truely is amazing how quickly time flies past! This October will mark the 20th year since we met!
   Later on this morning - around 9 AM or so - we will depart for the Grand Canyon, specifically
Skywalk Grand Canyon, our anniversary treat for ourselves!

   Well, we're back! How was it? Well . . . where do I begin? First off, I thought it was part of the National Park, but it is not. I should have noted something was amiss when we traveled on about a 10 mile section of gravel road (of the 20 miles from the main road) to get there. Then we had to park in a lot and take busses everywhere, once we paid our admission fee and then a fee for what we wanted (or could afford) to do. That all came to $158, and all we really did was ride a couple of busses, go on the Skywalk (not very big - glass surface all scratched up - long line), and then we had a rib lunch that should have cost $9-$10 tops. And . . . you really can't see that much of the canyon, unless to take a helicopter ride! No thanks. I'll just wait until we return to the area and visit the National Park. Oh . . . when you go out on the Skywalk you have to put all purses, cell phones and cameras in a locker - to prevent you from dropping something on the glass and maybe chipping it . . . yeah, right! So, what about photos? They've got 3 or 4 people out there with you that will take pictures for you! Isn't that great?! We had about 5 pictures taken and when we got off the Skywalk and back to the Gift Shop we picked out the ones we liked.
   $30 for one picture! Or . . . 4 for $100! Cool huh?
   I guess I have to be truthful and rate this place as A TOTAL RIPOFF!!!
   There . . . I feel better now. I did manage to get some pictures before the Skywalk that are as good or better and I'll get those up on the photo link soon - including our one $30 one we liked, when I can scan it.
   Meanwhile, we went out to eat at a local Mexican Restaurant called '
Oyster's Mexican & Seafood', that was really good. They even made me a burrito the way I like it. Now, we are going to sit back and take in CNN to see how things are going in Japan.      
Thursday - March 17, 2011
   A bit overcast this morning, cooling things down a little to around 65 degrees or so. After breakfast we went to a 'Historic Route 66' museum here in Kingman. It was full of memorabilia and alot of cute stuff. We picked up a couple of items we couldn't resist.
   Back 'home', we grilled up some Buffalo burgers for supper then watched a couple of episodes of '
Route 66' - the original TV series - on DVD. Boy, that takes you back a few years!
   Off to the showers provided here before bed. They are among the best we've seen in our travels, except for waiting about 3 minutes for the hot water to arrive.