RV Log Page # 0054
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Tuesday - February 22, 2011
560 miles today.
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Approx. 0560 miles thus far.
   We've been home almost 4 months now and it is time to hit the road again. We have been doing alot of talking about what is in our future and RVing doesn't look like what we want to do, mostly because of rising fuel costs. So, on this trip we will be looking at areas that we might consider either moving to (to escape almost 4 months of non -stop rain), or possibly have a 'snowbird nest'. One area that looks promising thus far is Mesquite, NV, where we are planning to spend about a month to check it out. Real estate prices there are quite favorable. We'll see.
   This morning we will head South to Palm Desert and Sky Valley RV Park to pick up our 5th Wheel. We will stop tonight North of Sacramento, CA and then proceed on to Sky Valley in the morning...

   Well, we made it to
Dunnigan, CA., about 40 miles North of Sacramento, CA. It was a mostly wet drive down except for the Siskiyous where there were snow flurries, but the roads were clear. The restaurant that we liked here has been shut down, so we opted for the 'Jack N the Box' right across the street. Nice big room here too! We'll get a good night's sleep for an early departure in the morning. 
Wednesday - February 23, 2011
520 miles today.
Approx. 1080 miles thus far.
   We left Dunnigan at around 7:00 this AM and arrived in Palm Springs about 4:30 PM. We picked up Highway 99 South of Sacramento and then CA 58, through Mojave, but not before stopping in Selma, CA for a bite at a small cantina where we had lunch, and what were the best home-made corn tortillas we have ever had!
   We stayed on 58 this time - instead of heading South on US 395, like we did last October - until we ran into I-15 South just outside of Barstow, CA. It was a good route until we ran into contruction North of San Beradino where we lost about an hour's time, but we still saved 1/2 hour using that route.
   We checked into the Motel 6 here, but found the room to be very tiny, so we check back out and went across the street to an Ace Motel that is working much better for us.  
Thursday/Friday - February 24/25, 2011
   We spent these last two days taking it easy, not really doing alot, except for getting the 5th wheel ready to travel on Saturday. The only issue so far is a low tire that I aired up and we'll keep an eye on it.
   We ate almost exclusively at the restaurant here at the Ace, and tried just about everything on the menu. Tomorrow we head for
El Centro, CA to the Rio Bend RV Park.  
Saturday - February 26, 2011
   Departing the motel at 8 AM we drove over to pick up the 5th wheel at Sky Valley. After we were all ready to go I discovered that I had forgotten my hearing aid at the motel and we would have to go back for it. Not a very good start!
   Once the hearing aid was found we headed East on I-10 until we turned South on CA 86, which took us along the
Salton Sea. It's a fair sized lake, but not really much to look at.
   As we neared El Centro I noticed a strange low hanging 'cloud formation' off in the distance that appeared to be moving fast. It turned out to be a formation of 6 jet aircraft, flying in close formation. They were flying straight at us and soon they flew right over us at about 1,000 feet overhead. We then recognized the painted markings of the
Blue Angels. About ten minutes later they flew over us again! In between the fly-overs we observed them doing some of their exhibition flying patterns such as the 'star-burst'. Pretty cool!
   As we continued South we watched the 'Angels' line up for their landings at the local Naval Airfield, which is where they 'Winter over'.
   Soon we met up with I-8 and headed West a couple of miles to the RV park. After checking in we drove to our site and set up. I replaced the existing water filter and we flushed out the water lines, getting rid of the water that had been sitting for 4 months. WiFi here is a problem as I sit here writing this. Don't know when I'll get it posted.
90 miles today.
Approx. 1170 miles thus far.
Sunday/Monday - February 27/28, 2011
   We finally got enough WiFi to check our e-mail and such, but it is limited, so I'll wait until we get to Tucson to post.
   This is a pleasant RV park that includes a 9-hole golf course. I wish I had brought my clubs, but I'll survive.
   We spent our time here doing laundry and meeting folks. One couple of note were Dave & Sharon of
Victoria, BC. We had a very pleasant time talking with them.