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Thursday - October 21, 2010
283 miles today.
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Approx. 1578 miles thus far.
178 miles today.
Approx. 1656 miles thus far.
Friday - October 22, 2010
   We departed Moss Landing enroute to Mojave, CA, where we will just spend the night. Nothing fancy here in Mojave, but we have what we need - power and water. As night has fallen, the stars seem close enough to touch. Full moon tonight...watch out!!
   I did manage to find the satellites so we can watch 'Project Runway'. Only 2 shows to go!  
    We got a good start this morning, yearning to have this part of the trip over with. Some of the roads are CRAP, needing alot of repair, even the interstates. Plus, we've met more than our share of discourteous drivers, and some that have never driven before - so it seems!
   We pulled in to Sun Valley RV Resort at about a quarter to one, and a sign on the door said 'Back at 1:15', so we waited. It was windy! 'Majin dat! It WAS sunny, tho'! We checked in when the gal arrived back from lunch, and headed for our assigned site, ready to set up and give this place a 'goin' over'. Pretty much right away I was not really impressed with the overall scene, at least from the depiction from the brochures. Shirlee went to check out the guest bathroom and came back looking glum. "One shower, one sink and two toilets!", she said, "and old". Not a very good first impression. I checked out the 'Men's' side of the restroom and came back with the same appraisal. We almost immediately began to revise our plans here. We noted that we had driven an awfully long way to get here, only to find conditions as they are. We are here though, so we'll still go ahead and make the best of it, while we're here. We will be here for a week to take advantage of a special rate that involves a tour of the properties on Monday, so we'll have plenty of time to check things out.   
Saturday - October 23, 2010
   Woke up this morning to cloudy skies, with the wind still blowing. The sun burned through the clouds before long tho'. We decided that after a leasurely breafast we would drive into Palm Springs and revist some places that Shirlee has been to before.
   We ate lunch at a local favorite Mexican restaurant,
Las Casuelas. We both thought that the food was just 'OK'. I had their Carne Asada Burrido, and it was bland. Los Jalapenos, back home in East Vancouver, has much better food, I think. I judge everyone's Carne Asada to their's. Shirlee said that her meal was the same - just OK.
   After lunch, we walked up the street a ways, looking for a souvenir shop. Shirlee had a drinking tumbler that Mo knocked over, breaking it, and she wanted to find where she had purchased it before along that street so she could replace it. No such luck tho'. Maybe we'll try again another day.
   Back at camp now, we decided to go for a dip in one of their hot spring pools. The water temperature was probably at 101 to 102, not as warm as we have our tub at home. It was still refreshing tho'.
   We've been continuing to talk about what we're going to go. We ARE going to leave here after the week and head North, probably stopping at Pismo Beach, CA on US 101 for a couple of nights. That way we'll be able to go to Solvang, CA and see the sights. Then we're on to Lodi, CA, Mt. Shasta City, CA, Florence, OR and then Lincoln City, OR, where we had seen an RV Resort last year that we thought was really nice. We are contemplating doing an annual stay there for various reasons we will go into later. Is it warm and sunny there all winter? No, but it's not 1,200 miles from our home either. Like I said, more on that later.    
Sunday - October 24, 2010
   Today, guess what? It's STILL blowing. Anyway, we drove up into Joshua Tree Nat. Park to have a look around. There are alot of very interesting geological features, plus the animal and plant life, to see. It was quite a drive through the Park, probably 50 or so miles, the way we went.
   Back 'home', we settled in for the evening with the winds getting stronger, rocking us a bit. Might be a restless night!  
Monday - October 25, 2010
   The winds have lessened a little by this AM, but it blew pretty hard all night, even blowing over my satellite dish with over 20 lbs. of weight holding it down.
   We went to do our 'tour' in order to get the 50% of our stay here at 11:00. The salesman - Seth - was very nice and told us of the history of the parks and all of the other 'sales pitch crap'. We did see some very reasonable deals on '
Park Models', and one mobilehome on the property. These kinds of things might be in our future, but we have decided that this is not the time, and surely not neccessarily the place. We talked about that as we ate lunch at a restaurant/cafe that is here at the park, following our tour. They have really good food at a good price!
   Evening now, and almost time for 'The Event'!  
Tuesday - October 26, 2010
   It's a beautiful morning here, with just a breeze. It's also my son Greg's birthday, so if you're reading this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG! The cell phone coverage is pretty bad here so I'll try to call later when we're on our way to Indian Canyons for a 'walk-about'. Before we left I walked over to where they have the 'Pickleball' courts and watched the folks play for abit. Looks like fun . . .

   Back 'home' now from our hike. I've rented a couple of paddles and balls to play Pickleball with Shirlee. We dinked around for awhile, learning how to hit the ball to put it where you want it, until we got too warm and returned to the 5th wheel. I had hoped that some of the regulars here would have showed to give us 'lessons', but, maybe tomorrow.  
Wednesday - October 27, 2010
   Another awesome morning here! We could get used to this kind of weather, but it'll have to wait a while.
   We are going to ride the
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway this morning. . .
   The Tram was an exilarating ride up 6,000 feet to the top of the mountain overlooking Palm Springs and
Coachella Valley. Quite the vistas from up there of the surrounding areas to the West, North and East!
   After the ride up we had lunch at one of the eateries aptly called '
The Peaks', which had phenominal views. Shirlee then decided to hike one of the trails up there, while I stayed behind, observing the folks that were returning from the hike back up 1/2 mile of steep concrete pathway to the start. Yeah, I made the right choice! Hey, I did find a sticker!
   We then returned 'home' and met our new neighbors that were just pulling in next to us. We found that they were from
Bend, OR, and that they were on the 'back home side' of a trip that had taken them as far as East  as Tennessee. Nice folks!   
Thursday - October 28, 2010
   Awoke to another beautiful morning here. We think that this place is trying to appease us after experiencing the first few day of wind here!  It's almost too bad that we've only this final day here, leaving in the morning.
   NEWS FLASH! Shirlee announced that she had a new strategy to talk about. She suggests that instead from hauling the 5th Wheel back up to Lincoln City on the way home starting tomorrow, we stay here through the 31st (Sunday), put the 5th Wheel in storage here ($48 per month!), drive the truck back home for the holidays, and then drive back down here mid-February or so, pick up the 5th Wheel and head for
Voyager RV Resort in Tucson, AZ, where we had stayed on our trip last spring. We really liked the place and the area, plus Shirlee has a dear friend that lives near by. AND, they have Pickleball!
   We spent some time going over what we would have to do to do this change, and we agreed that it was a great plan.
   We drove into Palm Springs to purchase a few items, including a couple of large plastic storage boxes to pack things in to free up room inside the truck, as the 'boys' would be in there with us. I also located an auto parts store that had 3 sets of jack stands, so that I could get the tires of the 5th Wheel off the ground during the time it is in storage.
   One reason this plan works so well is that we had previously made arrangements to meet Shirlee's brother Daniel, and his wife Mary in Tucson around the end of the first week in March.
   We stopped for lunch before returning to Sky Valley and talked more about our changes, trying to ferret out any bad vibes. We couldn't think of any. Just the savings in fuel costs alone would be a HUGE plus! Yeah, we think we're doing the right thing.
   What a GREAT day! And what better way to top it off than by watching the season finale of 'Project Runway'!    
Friday - October 29, 2010
   What a good night's sleep, even though we both hated the winner of the finale of 'Project Runway'!
   We rose early and walked over to the Pickleball courts to see if anyone was playing, and, sure enough, they were. We introduced ourselves and made it known that we were very new to the game. We were immediately ushered onto the courts where we were given detailed instruction by very able 'Pickleballers'. It plays alot like ping-pong, with some unique differences. We think that keeping score is the most difficult technical challenge of the game! It is very fast paced, played mostly by doubles teams.
   We played for over 2 hours, learning more and more as time went by, such as simply how much effort is needed to hit the ball with these big paddles, and different strategies on shot placement. I believe we are BOTH hooked!
   When it was getting too warm to play we headed 'home' to get into swimwear and went to the showers and hot tubs at the clubhouse. Man, that felt good. I (we) are already aware of muscles that don't seem to like our new game. Too bad for them.
   We are going to an 'Oktoberfest' potluck tonight, and Shirlee is a blur in the kitchen as I write this. Smells pretty good, TOO! 
Saturday - October 30, 2010
   Well, the winds are back this morning. Shirlee & I went over to the Pickleball courts, but no one was there, so we just hit the ball around for a bit until it was just too windy for that.
   We drove into town, and while Shirlee went for a hike, I left  to get some supplies for storing the 5th Wheel - moth balls, mouse baits, cockroach goodies, ant poison and such. After picking Shirlee up we found a car wash place that didn't have a line 12 cars long and got the truck a much needed and deserved bath. On the way back 'home' we stopped at a little market that advertized date milkshakes. Wow . . . they were good! So much for dinner!
   Still pretty windy here at the RV Resort, with practically no wind at all in Palm Springs.
   Been busy getting things sorted out for the trip HOME, such as what to take back, and what to leave. I had to get a key to the storage yard gate as the office doesn't open 'til Monday morning at 9 AM, and we want to be OUT of here by then. I figure it'll take an hour or so to get the 5th Wheel set up for storage, once we get it over to the area.
   Shirlee cooked up a fabulous meal tonight of a breaded chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. I think it was one of the top 5 meals we've had in the 5th Wheel! Now we're going to sit back and watch the Michigan at Penn State game. . . Penn State won 41 to 31! That number 11 is quite a quarterback! 
Sunday - October 31, 2010
   Today we spent the day getting things organized into the boxes we bought the other day and doing some laundry. It wasn't really a busy day. That'll come tomorrow morning when we move the 5th Wheel into the storage area and get it all prepared for the 4 months that we'll be home.   
Monday/Tuesday - November 1st and 2nd, 2010
   We got up early to get ready to move the 5th Wheel into storage, but had to wait for daylight to accomplish anything. We finally pulled out around 8 AM and got into the storage yard, jacked the axles up, set out all of the various pest baits, locked everything up, loaded up the truck,  returned the gate key to the office, and it was almost 10 AM when we hit the road. We drove until about 6 PM and stopped a few miles North of Sacramento, CA, where we had dinner, watched the S.F. Giants win the World Series, and spent the night.
   Up before dawn the next morning, we repacked the truck, loaded the 'boys' and headed off North again, leaving at about 7 AM. It was an uneventful drive the rest of the way home to Camas, arriving at 4:30 PM.
   That's it for now, until mid-February when we head South and to our final stop (?) in Tucson. See ya!