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Thursday - October 14, 2010
317 miles today.
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Approx. 1295 miles thus far.
   We are now at Moss Landing, CA, having checked in at the KOA here. We were going to stay 4 nights, but they gave us a great deal, so we're staying 7 nights! It's a nice park, but with only 2 showers. I think that our shower will get a workout!
   When I filled up the truck last night in Shingletown the pump was REAL slow and it took a while to fill up. The plus about that was that there was less foaming as the diesel filled, allowing the tank to be more completely filled. I say all of this to state that we drove almost 100 miles futher on a tank than we ever had before pulling the 5th Wheel -  the 317 miles today!
   We had a pretty good meal at a Mexican Restaurant called
The Whole Enchilada that was just a short walk from the KOA. Once we returned to camp we settled down to catch up on 'Project Runway', and then call it a day.         
Friday - October 15, 2010
   We had arranged to go on a Whale Watching Cruise with an outfit very close by this morning, but the boat's Captain had some sort of issue, so we will reschedule for the early part of nest week.
   Last night we noticed that Georgy isn't quite himself, and this morning he has not improved. I haven't seen him use the litter box so far today, and he isn't eating or drinking much. He is spending most of his time sleeping (even more than normal), but he is alert to his surroundings. We will keep a close eye on his progress.
   We decided to go into
Monterey/Pacific Grove for the day and give the boys a break from us. We were going to visit the Aquarium, but at $30 a head, plus the fact we'd done it before, we decided we could spend our money on something else. We walked around 'Cannery Row' for a bit, looking at the shops and all, before heading on the Pacific Grove to see how much things have changed since I lived there in 1960/61. I attended 8th Grade there, and then the first couple of months of my Freshman year, before we pulled up stakes (again!) and moved to Oregon. Moving away was one of the saddest moments of my young life. I absolutely LOVED P.G. (as we all called it). This place is still one of my favorite areas on earth. I had made many friends there, which is not the easiest thing for an 'Army Brat' to do.
   Anyway, we took some pictures of some of my favorite haunts and spots, walking along the same paths I had traversed 50 years before. When I realized how much time had passed, it seemed impossible, yet true. 'Funny' how visting places from your past bring back memories long forgotten, yet as fresh as yesterday!
   We returned back 'home', and checking on Georgy, found no change in his state. We decided that if there was no improvement by morning we would have to find a Vet somewhere in the area.
   We had supper, then went to a place next door to where we had eaten last night than was having a complimentary wine tasting. Ya' can't beat free! Afterward we returned to camp and started watching a program we had recorded on Tivo called '
The Event'. I am not crazy with the way the story jumps back and forth in time, but it is a very interesting story and well acted. We watched 3 of the 4 episodes we had recorded, then went to bed.  
Saturday - October 16, 2010
   This morning Georgy is no better, and complains when touch around his right hip. We've been questioning whether he may have fallen during travel, or we even began to wonder if there might be a relationship to the cat encounter we had back on the 1st of October in Winchester Bay! We started search the internet for a facilty that would be able to help him. Shirlee found such a place called "Ocean View Veterinary Hospital' in Pacific Grove, with is about 20 minutes from here. I called them and related the problem. They said that they had a cancellation at noon, and that we could have that appointment. We agreed and told them we would be there. Funny, but when it came time to leave, I brought Georgy's carrier out of the garage, opened the door, and he almost ran in to it. Normally you have to hunt these guys down once they know it's 'cage time'! Maybe he knows he's getting help!
   We found the Hospital and checked in at the front desk. Within 5 min. we were back in a room where the technician started checking him over. His temperature was 106, plus he had lost over 3 pounds! The Dr. came in and started his exam, when Shirlee related to him that Georgy was tender over his right hip. The Doc felt a swollen area and shaved off some of his fur to get a better view. There was a bulging area almost 4 inches wide that was inflamed. He then took a syringe and inserted the needle into the bulge. When he withdrew the plunger it just filled with puss. Yep, Georgy had a pretty bad infection that was almost certainly caused by being bitten by that damned cat. The Doc said that the timing was just about right for the infection to have advanced this far. He told us that he would anesthisize Georgy and lance the area to remove as much of the infection as he could and then place a drain in the wound that we would have to administer to for the next 3 days, injecting an antiseptic solution into the drain twice a day, and monitoring his temperature. We then left the Hospital while they worked their 'magic', and went down along the beach to await a phone call indicating that he was ready to go 'home'. After about 3 hours we called them and were told that he was ready. The Doctor told us that all went well and he should recover quickly. They had administered a strong, long lasting antibiotic that should do the trick, but when we bring him back on Tuesday to (hopefully) have the drain removed, they will re-evaluate, and give him another shot if deemed neccessary. He has to wear one of those 'clown' collars so he won't bother the area, and we made a space
  for him in the garage where he can have peace and quiet while he mends during the next 3 days. He's in there now and resting well. We will flush his wound tonight and take his temperature and monitor the readings for the Doctor.
   'Funny' - again - how we got a great deal to stay here a few days more than we had planned, and that the time was essential to have! Would you call that 'luck'? Not us!
   We took Georgy's temp and flushed his drain before going to bed. His temp was 106.9! A cat's normal temp range is 101 to 103. We were able to flush quite a bit of 'gunk' from the drain. We will have to wait for morning, when we are scheduled to check again, and hope that the antibiotics kick in. If it doesn't drop by then we'll have to call the Hospital for advice.     
Sunday - October 17, 2010
   It's a cold, rainy morning here at Moss Landing, as forecast. I took Georgy's temp at 9 AM and it had dropped to 101.1. We are pleased with that! Flushing the drain went well, with less 'gunk' than before.
   Not much worth talking about today except to say that we've been trying to figure out why we suddenly have a 'squeaky floor in the living / kitchen area, and also to record that Georgy's temp was at 102.6, and his drain was clearing. He is up and around a little more, tho' still wobbly from the drugs. He really loves the baby food meats that Shirlee gives him, so hope he doesn't get too addicted to them!
   Time for Dexter!       
Monday - October 18, 2010
   The weather has improved alot this morning, with clear skies and the promise of a warmer, nicer day.
   Georgy's temp is at a normal 101.3 a 9 AM, and we all feel better about that! We're sure Georgy does too.
   We went for a walk to the beach here, but it looks alot like
Longbeach, WA - just a bunch of sand - , so we went to the marina and stopped for a beer at one of the local eateries. Its a little breezy, with cool air, making us dress warmer out side, so we spent most of the rest of the day at 'home'.
   We've been trying to figure out what is causing the floor sqeaks. We noticed that when we brought the living area slide in it ceased. I've seen RV Slide Jacks on the internet, so I guess that's what they're for. I had an extra scissor jack with us and I put it under the slide-out. That did eliminate most of it, but we'll have to get the pair of jacks to do it properly.
   We called ahead to
Sky Valley RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA to arrange for our stay. They had e-mailed us a promotion for 50% off a week's stay there for taking a tour. That week will give us time to decide how much we like it there, and what else might be in the area if we don't like it there.
   9 PM and Georgy's temp is at 101.1, and he's been eating good. He's been using his litter box, but no B.M. yet. I know that heavy doses of antibiotics can throw one's system off, so we'll make note of it and tell the Dr. tomorrow when we take him back to the hospital for his 12 PM appointment.
   We are hooked up (also) to the cable here so we can watch 'The Event' on TV. We are now way outside our area to be able to pick up our local channels on DirecTV. The bad thing is that we can't Tivo it and fast forward through the commercials - which they have LOTS of!    
Tuesday - October 19, 2010
   Really foggy this morning and fairly cool too. Georgy's temp is still at 101.1, so we're hopeful that the drain can be removed today and he can rejoin us all from his isolation in the garage.

   We're back from the Vet and Georgy has been pronounced on the road to a full recovery. The drain is gone, but there are still 2 small holes that will heal from the inside out. We just have to put a warm, moist cloth over it for a couple of minutes or so, three times a day, for the next week or so, to keep the area clean. As per expected tho', Mo is hissing and swatting at him for whatever reason. I think I'll pick up a squirt gun somewhere and try to disuade that behavior.  
Wednesday - October 20, 2010