RV Log Page # 0051
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Monday - October 11, 2010
287 miles today.
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Approx. 0978 miles thus far.
   Today the weather is going to be perfect for driving . . . not too warm, and no clouds. It has been quite a while since I've driven this way and I am mindful of 3 mountain passes we need to negotiate before we reach Ashland, OR, and then there are the Siskiyous going into California. When I drove semi's for the Phone Co. and we were working in the area, those 'hills' always made you take notice.
   We did safely make it to our destination at the KOA just East of
Shingletown, CA which is East of Redding, CA. Mt. Lassen National Park is only 15 miles from here, and Shirlee has some hikes all planned out for us, so . . . we'd better get a good night's sleep. Might as well, as there is no wifi here to speak of, and too many trees for my satellite dish. 
Tuesday - October 12, 2010
   Happy Columbus Day, one and all!
   Just a note: I've been catching up with the Log Pages, but will have to wait for an opportunity to post them, what with the poor wifi situation.
   After sleeping in a bit we had breakfast and pointed the truck in the direction of Lassen Peak. We checked in at the Park entrance and drove to the Visitor's Center. No Stickers! What's this world coming to?
We did pick up a couple of things tho'. Ollie, an owl puppet is real cute.
   We then proceeded to drive up toward '
Bumpass Hell', stopping at a place called 'Devastated Area', that was greatly affected by the 1914-15 eruptions. We were to stop at a couple of other spots, but the were painting lines on the road and most areas were temporarily closed, so we continued to 'Bumpass Hell' where there was a hike of about 3 miles to the 'active area' of fumeroles, boiling springs, and bubbling mud pots. It was quite an interesting place, especially if you love the odor of hydrogen-sulfide (rotten eggs)! We then drove on down to the other Park entrance on the SW side where the main Visitor's Center is located. Nope . . . no stickers there either. We did have a great lunch at the Center that Shirlee had prepared before we left camp. After that hike we were ready for it.
   We left the Center and headed back 'home', but no before stopping at another fumerole area that was right off the road. Could have saved a 3 mile hike!
   We were soon back at camp and resting up for what tomorrow may bring.   
Wednesday - October 13, 2010
   Another gorgeous day here! Shirlee is on her 'waterfall mission', while I remained 'home' for laundry, trying to catch up on our Log, and getting info for our tentative long term stay at Sky Valley RV Park, located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. . . .
   Shirlee has arrived back at camp from her trip up to Burley Falls State Park, which was about 45 minutes from here. She said that it was well worth the trip.
   After an evening campfire and some dinner we will hit the hay before our 300+ mile day tomorrow.
   This really is a nice, peaceful campground here. You are quite a ways from stores and things tho'.