RV Log Page # 0050
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Friday - October 8, 2010
060 miles today.
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Approx. 0691 miles thus far.
   We left Winchester Bay RV Park right at 11:00 AM, on schedule, for the shortest leg we have ever done, - 60 miles - to the Umpqua Golf & RV Resort in Sutherlin, OR. After a stop for breakfast, we pulled into the park just after 1:00 PM and checked in. Shirlee says that they have the cleanest bathrooms she has ever seen!
   After setting up camp, we drove into Sutherlin to look around and pick up a couple of things. Not much here in town to choose from, but we got what we needed.
   On the way back to camp we drove to one of the wooden bridges in the area, the
Rochester Bridge. Really picturesque. I guess they built quite a few of them in Oregon.
   Back 'home' now, we're settling in for the evening with a big day tomorrow driving up to Crater Lake and scenery along the way.  
Saturday - October 9, 2010
   Got up earlier than normal this morning to head up to Crater Lake, which is about 135 or so miles from our camp. Shirlee has an area guide with information on lots of waterfalls and such along our route.
   The weather is overcast, and according to the Weather Channel it is presently raining at the Lake.
   As it turned out it pretty much rained or misted all of the way up to Crater Lake. On the way up
OR 138, we stopped at a couple of waterfalls that Shirlee had marked as 'must see's'. The first was Toketee Falls, that Shirlee hiked the 0.4 mile trail to see. Two miles farther up the road was Watson Falls, which at 272 feet high is the fourth highest falls in Oregon, That involved a 1/4 mile hike which we both did. We then continued on up to the Park. Once we presented our Life Time N.P. Pass (nice!) at the North entrance, we drove along the West Rim, not seeing a thing. The clouds/fog prevented us from seeing any farther than 100 feet, so we continued on to a gift shop/cafe down by the lodge and grabbed a bite to eat. We looked around the gift shop and picked up a couple of items, but alas, no Crater Lake stickers or decals to put on our rig. Guess I'll just have to order from the internet - again!
   With not much more to see or do (what with the weather) we headed back toward Roseburg, and stopped first to see
Lemolo Falls (which we could not find!), and then on to Whitehorse Falls.
   After a couple more stops - one was at the '
Colliding Rivers' site - we drove on back to camp.
   The weather was overcast, but warm enough for a t-shirt at camp, as we contemplated what we were to do tomorrow and decided to see a movie (
Secretariat), and pursue some wine tasting venues.     
Sunday - October 10, 2010 (10/10/10!)
   The rain has hit this morning. Good for sleeping in! We are going to look around some wineries today, then go see 'Secretariat' at a theater in Roseburg. Afterwards, Shirlee has found a McMenemin's close by for dinner.
   The winery we stopped at was
Henry Estate in Sutherlin. They had some very good wines - Pinots for me, and everything else for Shirlee! She found a white wine - 2008 Műller Thurgau - that she really liked, and when she asked the price of a case the salesman (Gary) said that for the price of one case they throw in another case free! Well, that was just too good to pass up. So, after a great time drinking wines, listening to a guy playing a flute beautifully, and aquiring a nice denim shirt for me, we departed for the movie theater.
   What a great show! If you liked '
Seabiscuit', you'll love 'Secretariat'! It's really nice to see a well made, superbly acted, 'clean' movie. The racing sequences were thrilling to watch. That's all I'll say about that. You just have to enjoy it yourself.
   Then, on to
McMenemin's, where we had burgers and beer. Not bad, but I've had better of both elsewhere. It was a nice place, tho', being a former rail station with lots of memorbilia.
   Back 'home' now, we are going to watch '
Dexter' and then head for bed, as we have a long day traveling South tomorrow.