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Monday - September 27, 2010
205 miles today.
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Approx. 0422 miles thus far.
209 miles today.
Approx. 0631 miles thus far.
   After a breakfast at a local Sequim eatery, The Oak Table, we left with Don & Carm and their 5th wheel, heading back down I-5 South to Vancouver, WA.
   We waved goodbye to Don & Carm as we separated and headed to our prearranged overnight parking place. Once we arrived, Ellen picked us up and we went to her & Wally's house for supper and games - we ALWAYS try to get into a rousing game of some sort when we visit the Walburgs!
   As bedtime approached, Ellen returned us to our 'home', stating that she would pick us up in the morning so we could make use of their showers, and get a bite to eat.   
Tuesday - September 28, 2010
   Thankful for a great shower and breakfast, we bid Wally & Ellen a fond farewell and drove South on I-205/I-5 until we  reached our exit in Drain, OR. where we drove East on OR 38 until we got to Reedsport, OR. and US 101. We turned South on 101 for 5 miles until we turned into the RV Resort at Winchester Bay, where we were inundated by a fog bank that hovered over the area. After checking in we unloaded our bike before proceeding to our space, as we would not be able to get the ramp down once we were set up. After getting the boy's cage all put together we settled down in chairs outside with refreshments and enjoyed the view as the fog disapated. This is truely a beautiful place. one thing, however, is that the WiFi in our area of the park is almost non-existent. We'll have to work on that.   
Wednesday - September 29, 2010
   We're off today to see some sights down in the North Bend, OR area, including Shore Acres State Park and Cape Arago S.P. We also stopped at a couple of places to pick up some components to use in making an antenna to help with WiFi reception.
   After aquiring the things I was looking for, and getting myself a much-needed haircut, we drove to Shore Acres S.P. They had a rose garden there with, surprisingly, many roses in full bloom. The garden is nestled amongst the trees and it has a pretty pond. We then went into the gift shop to see what we couldn't live without. I noticed a coffee mug that had a picture of an incredibly huge wave on it. I asked the shop keeper about the photo and he said that it was taken last December from a vantage point just a few yards North of the shop. He stated that the breaking wave splash was estimated to be over 250 feet high! Be sure to look at the photos on the link to the right! Shirlee & I walked to the viewpoint of the giant wave sight, and although the waves were not small, they were nowhere near what the photo had shown. Of course the big waves arrive with the winter storms here. It would be something to see one of those.
   We then drove on down to Cape Arago S.P. where I remember we had visited once before, the last time we were at Winchester Bay. This place is known for it's large populations of sealions and elephant seals. You can hear them before you can see them, and if the wind is 'right', you'll smell them first. Talk about 'fish-breath'!
Thursday - September 30, 2010
   The weather here has been iffy in that while it isn't raining, the fog/low clouds present a very fine mist at times. Also, its been cool most of the time. Hey, it's almost October!
   We drove up (haven't rode the bike yet) to
Heceta Head today and we hiked the Hobbit Trail down to the beach - about a 1 mile round trip. On the way back on the trail, Shirlee opted to hike a 1 1/2 mile trail back to Heceta State Park, while I drove back down to meet her.
   The weather became gorgeous as the day progressed, with the temperatures becoming perfect.
   Back at the RV Park I've been trying to figure a way to mount my new WiFi antenna on the roof. Right now I have it hanging in the bedrrom window where we get great reception. As the antenna isn't weather proof, I need to mount it within some kind of container or dome. I've been researching the internet and have found that thin-wall PVC pipe has very low resistance to radio frequencies, so I might be able to make something. Ya gotta love tinkerin'!   
Friday - October 1, 2010
   4 AM: Awoke to the sounds of a cat fight in the kitchen! What the heck? I jumped out of bed and looked into the kitchen area where I saw our two boys taking on a smaller black cat. Almost as soon as I stood in the door way, the black cat sped by me and out the cat door, followed closely by Mo & George. By the time I got some clothes on and got outside, the cat was gone. Apparently there was just enough room at the top front portion of the cage for a cat that size to squeeze in. I got the boys back in the 'house' and shut off the cat door to the outside. Too dark to do anything else at the time, but I will surely have to do something later . . .
   With daylight I could see how the cat got in and all I needed was some pieces of plywood to close off the top of the cage. I located a lumber yard/hardware store in Reedsport that had some 1/4 inch exterior plywood and they cut it up to the size pieces I needed. Back 'home', I positioned the pieces and held them in place with bungie cords. Looks good, and nothing but a snake could get in there now. Not real sure I want snakes in there, tho'!
   It's around noon now and the boys are still skittish. Mo even bit Shirlee while she was attempting to brush him. George had actually hissed at me earlier that morning, so we decided to just give them lots of space.
   Around 8 PM now and George has ventured as far as their 'balcony' - the first box outside the trailer - , but spends most of his time in the 'lair', which is just inside the trailer. Mo hasn't been as far as the 'lair' yet, as he just sits and keeps an eye on the catdoor. This incident probably has shaken them a bit, what with an intruder getting into their little world. Our world too! Tell you what . . . ain't nothin' like the sound of a cat fight in the next room, wakin' ya up from a dead sleep at 4 in the mornin', to raise the hairs up on the back of your neck!
   We're going to watch a movie and then try to catch up on some lost sleep.    
Saturday - October 2, 2010
   Wow . . . what a difference an uninterupted night's sleep makes. Looks like the weather may improve too. Still alot of broken clouds and a bit windy, but we're hoping it'll improve.
   Today I'm going to work on my WiFi antenna set-up.  I will have to make a run to the local Ace Hardware in Reedsport and pick up a couple of components. Back later . . .

   Well . . . it's done and it works great! Here's a link to what I did:
WiFi Project.
   Now I can settle back and watch the Penn State game!
   The boys are starting to return to their normal easy-going selves with both of them venturing out into their big cage. Time heals all wounds. 
Sunday - October 3, 2010
   It's a gorgeous morning here, with just a hint of low fog and clear blue skies visible above. Looks like a good day to ride the bike. The forecast for tomorrow looks wet! . . .
   When we left the park, the weather turned . . . no rain  just really clouded up. We rode through Reedsport to the Wildlife Preserve here. It's alot like the one in
Jewell, OR, only larger. We saw just a couple of elk and alot of Canada geese. We then rode back to Reedsport and stopped at the Umpqua Discovery Center to have a look around. For the size of it, it had alot of very well presented exhibits, with many life-like murals that almost appeared in 3-D. At their gift shop I found a radio-controlled Tarantula that looked real. "Something for the boys", I thought! I also found a fossil cast of a Trilobite that was about 3 inches long, for only $6. Shirlee thought was looked like elk poop! That girl is no paleo- scientist!
   We then went next door to a sandwich shop for lunch. It was a very pleasant place, right on the
Umpqua River, and the food was good!
   Back at camp we are looking ahead to our next stop. We are thinking of stopping at
Sutherlin, OR at the Umpqua Golf Resort Rv Park for 3 nights before heading on to Mt. Shasta City, CA, KOA for 2-3 nights. We want to see some of the sights to the East, including a day-trip to Crater Lake, OR.
   Meanwhile, our campfire this evening is warm and cozy, with no wind and balmy conditions. The forecast is for showers tomorrow - yuk!  
Monday - October 4, 2010
   What a beautiful morning, with not a cloud in the sky! It's a bit cool, but it should warm up with the sun in full view. We are heading up to Florence, OR to do some shopping, see the local casino - Three Rivers Casino - , go on a wine tasting tour, etc. First . . . breakfast!
   We finished our shopping and then paid a visit to the casino. It was as expected and not too smokey. They had some pricey restaurant menus, except for the buffets, one being the 'senior' buffet for 8 bucks. We decided that we'd try that later after our wine excursion.
   We drove down to where the wine/tour was to take place at a place called
Feast in Old Town Florence. We were greeted by Matthew, who was to be our guide on the tour of historic Florence. The tour was quite interesting and we learned a lot. Most of the original buildings are gone, mostly due to fires that were a common occurance of the era. Other buildings of the mid-to-late 1800's to early 1900's that had been scheduled for demolition at other sites had been moved to present locations in Old Town in order to restore the original look of the water- front.
   At the end of the tour we were back at Feast for some wine tasting and appetizers. The chef told us of the specials of the day - which didn't interest me - and then showed us their menu - which did! We decided to eat there at their bar, and have some of their wines. All in all, we had great wines, and I had one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed. It started with a cream of
Morels mushroom soup (to die for!), followed by a chicken dish, stuffed with goat cheese, homemade noodles with spinach and baby tomatoes, with a vinegarette reduction sauce. It makes my mouth water just writing about it! Following that, we split a Huckleberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Wow !!! Shirlee had ordered a beef plate with potatos au-gratin and a beet salad. The beef was very tender and tasty, but couldn't hold a candle to the chicken!
   After dinner we continued sitting at the bar, savoring more wine, and conversing with some of the local 'regulars', for a while before returning 'home'.
   What a fabulous day!       
Tuesday - October 5, 2010
   Awoke to another beautiful, chilly morning. The sun should warm things up before too long, tho'.
   We traveled South for a few miles until we came to Eel Lake, where Shirlee wanted to hike a bit. The day was warming up nicely as if to accommodate her.
   Aside from re-visiting our favorite pie shop in Reedsport and watching a couple of DVD's, that was our day.  
Wednesday - October 6, 2010
   Pretty windy and cool this morning, but otherwise sunny. Shirlee left to find a hiking trail, while I stayed at home, tinkering with things, one of which was to figure out how to remove the screen in the overhead vent in the toilet room. After doing an internet seach I found that I had to practically disassemble the thing from the inside. At least it is clean now.
   Got a call from my cousin Denny and his wife Sherry that they were on their home to Vancouver, WA from
Phoenix, AZ where they had been for a couple of weeks waiting for their new grandchild to be born. It's a Boy! Our congrats to Denny's daughter Pam, and son-in-law Larry, on the arrival of their healthy baby!
   When chatting with Denny I asked if they were coming our way, going up I-5. He said that it might work out. They had left the vicinity of Reno, NV that morning and where we were might be a good overnight rest stop. We certainly had room for them, plus we would love their company!
   They arrived at about 6:00 PM and ready to stop for the day. Denny was suffering the effects of a head cold, so a good sleep was in order, but not before we took them out to eat at a local restaurant here in Winchester Bay, on the water, where we caught up on our recent activities. They have a motorhome - at home - and we discussed the prospects of traveling together in the future. We talked on and on back at the 5th wheel, until it was time for bed.
   What a great day this was!    
Thursday - October 7, 2010
   Today it is just gloomy . . . misting and blowing. A good morning for eggs, bacon and pancakes! We'll send Denny and Sherry off with full stomachs for their trip home.
   With breakfast over, and having sent the the 'cuz's' on their way, and the weather being what it was, it's a good day to do laundry.
   Denny called to say that they saw alot of elk at the wildlife preserve East of Reedsport, so we drove out there a couple of hours later to see. There were quite a few elk there, with about a half a dozen bulls, to of which had pretty respectable racks.
   Back 'home' we had a knock at the front door and one of our neighbors was there saying there was a squirrel up in the boys 'lair'. I looked in and sure 'nuff', there he was. I went inside and rattled around the cat door in the bedroom and from what Shirlee said I guess he rocketed out of there! I definitly have to make some changes to the cage.
   We'll be leaving here in the morning, heading for Sutherlin, OR, which is less than 60 miles away. Staying there for 3 days, we'll take in Crater Lake and lots of waterfalls before heading farther South into California.
   We're hoping for relatively dry weather for our breaking camp in the morning.
   It's been a very pleasant stay here. Too bad they set the date for the Blues fest in Florence back a week.