RV Log Page # 0047
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Sunday - September 19, 2010
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   It's been an interesting Summer here at home since we finished our 'Odyssey' in June. It certainly has been a wetter than normal season here, yet we managed to get things done and have alot of fun in the process. On a sadder note we lost one of our members in Star Chapter 407 last month (August 22nd) due to a tragic motorcycle accident. We are still trying to cope with his loss.
   Lately we have been getting our 5th Wheel, motorcycle and truck ready for our upcoming trip, and with just 3 days before we leave, we are in pretty good shape. We are heading up to Sequim, WA for 4 nights with our Star motorcycle buddies, attending the Anacortes, WA 'Oyster Run' and also visiting other sites in the area. We will then head south to a favorite place - Winchester Bay, OR for 10 nights. After that we will continue on south to Pismo Beach, CA where we plan to stay until the middle of November when we will put the 5th Wheel in storage and drive the truck back home for the Holidays. Then we will load up and head back, pick up the 5th Wheel and aim for the Palm Desert, CA area, eventually returning home by the first of April.
   Well, that's are plan anyway. We are not making alot of reservations this trip, just taking it as it comes.
   So . . . Shirlee and I are ready, and the boys (Mo & George) will just be surprised once again to see different surroundings.
   We again invite you to travel along with us and share some of our adventures and explorations, and don't forget to e-mail us from time to time.