RV Log Page # 0045
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Sunday - June 6, 2010
422 miles today.
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Approx. 9081 miles thus far.
Approx.   367 miles to go.
   We left Sparks this morning after we had to back out of our space in order to leave the park. This is the most confined park we've been to.
   Traveling east on I-80 we headed for
Winnemucca, NV where we turned to head north on US95. We crossed into Oregon and on to Burns Junction, OR where we continued to follow US95 east to Jordan Valley, OR and then into Idaho. Soon after we headed north again enroute to Fruitland, ID, where after talking with my daughter Greta's mother Janis on the cell phone, it was decided we would set up camp at their place. Janis said that with all of the rains that they had been enduring, the Snake River was flooding at places, one of them being pretty close to the RV Park in Fruitland where we had planned on staying. Janis and Dr. Furm, her husband, have a wonderful place where they are mostly growing grapes for wine, with a few rows of vine dedicated to table grapes. They have a full hook-up for an RV on their property, just across from their house.
   Once at their house, and we were all set up, we set around gabbing about our trip and cooking up some steaks on their BBQ. My son Geoff, his wife Lisa and their 3 kids - Alyssa, Geoffrey, Jr. and Mercy Mae, the youngest - showed up after a while and joined in. We had a very nice time, catching up with all of the news and seeing how much the young ones had grow since we last saw them.

Monday - June 7, 2010

   We got up to cloudless skies this morning and shared a great breakfast that Shirlee prepared. She's using up all of all of the leftovers, concocting delightful meals. We have enough that she is going to serve supper for everyone - giving Janis a night off from cooking - that will have a Mexican theme, once we return from an outing with Geoff and his family to
Boise, ID.

   We had a fun time in Boise, seeing some of the sights, shopping, and ending the trip by playing mini golf at a big game complex.
   After returning to 'camp', we awaited Dr. Furm and Janis' return from work. Shirlee and Lisa were working in the kitchen getting supper ready when they arrived home. Our hats are off to Shirlee's skills as we dined on foods that were wonderful. You'll have to ask Shirlee what all of it was, as I just ATE!
   Supper completed I helped Greta with the dishes and then we all sat out in their gazebo for another round of gabbing. Too soon it was time to turn in and get some good shut-eye. Tomorrow is the last leg of our trip and we want to be well rested for the hurdles -
Cabbage Hill - ahead, so we said our goodbyes to Geoff's family, and goodnight to Furm, Janis and greta, as we would probably see them in the morning before they go to work.