RV Log Page # 0044
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Wednesday - June 2, 2010
320 miles today.
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Approx. 8659 miles thus far.
Approx.   768 miles to go.
   We left Ely at 7:30 this morning for Sparks, NV under clearing skies and no wind. We drove on US50, which is said to be  'The Lonliest Road In America', that part which goes through the State of Nevada, and it is appropriately named! Most of the time there is NOTHING remarkable about the surroundings, just a straight, boring, long drive. The only changes were the half dozen of so mountain passes we climbed and descended, which gave us some relief.
   Seven hours later we rolled into Sparks to a
Petro Truck Stop where we fueled up, had our rig weighed and also had our rig washed. We were pretty dirty from mostly bugs and the remains of going through a muddy construction area a few days back.
   We are now at the Victorian RV Park in Sparks. This place is very confining in that I'm not real sure how I'm going to get out of here on Sunday morning. Ah . . . we'll worry about that when the time comes. For now it's off to a hot shower, then to bed!

Thursday - June 3, 2010

   It's a nice day here today, with a threat of showers, but we'll get the cage set up for the boys and get the bike out of the 'garage'.
   After all of that we set out to get Shirlee's toenails all beautified, and while we were at it I got my hair cut.
   We then found a new mall in Sparks called
The Legends. It is a very new mall and it is a real showcase mall, with alot of artwork and fountains, all beautifully constructed. It is still growing, judging from the sites still being developed. Shirlee was able to find articles that she was searching for, so we celebrated by having lunch at the Cadillac Ranch Bar & Grill. It was good food and great service. Afterward we returned to the 5th wheel so that I could clean 'Belle' up a bit for a ride later to meet the gang at The Nugget in Sparks. As the day progressed, however, it looked like it might be wet so we decided to take the truck to the casino to welcome them from their ride from Vancouver (no reason for us to ride in the rain).
   We parked the truck and meandered over to where the StarBQ was to be held and found vendors in the process of setting up tents to show there wares.
   As we walked up to the building, lo & behold sat Don & Carm, friends from our
Star 407 group in Vancouver. We chatted with them for some time, waiting for the rest of the Star 407 riders to arrive. Rich, our Regional Director, arrived and stated that everyone else was close behind, as they had ridden in the same group. Once all were there it was decided to get something to drink and eat at the complex. A Bar/Deli was located downstairs and after a row of tables was lined up we sat to eat and catch up on all of the 'news'. It WAS truely great to dine and drink with good friends again.
   Before we knew it, 8:30 rolled around at we had to excuse ourselves and return 'home' to a couple of hungry cats!

Friday - June 4, 2010

   Today we have beautiful weather here in Sparks and we are to meet with fellow Star 407 members to ride around town. First we went to a car wash to remove dirt and grime from our bikes (them after a 2 day ride down here - us, because it was so dusty!) We then rode down to Virginia Street to see all the glitter, but part of it was closed off due to the filming of some movie.
   We returned to the Nugget where the festivities were being held as some of the 407 members were participating in a couple of motorcycle 'expertise' events that afternoon. Shirlee and I went back to the RV park to relax and then returned later to watch the excitement.
   I say, there are some fantastic riders in this Star organization, and a couple of them in the 407!
   After the events were completed for the day Shirlee and I joined up with our friends Carm and Don for supper and yakking before it was time to return 'home'.
   What a nice day!

Saturday - June 5, 2010

   This morning we woke to a gorgeous day with hardly any clouds and comfortably warm. Our plan was to join our group for a ride around the area, to include visiting
Virginia City, Carson City and Lake Tahoe.
   Our first stop, however, was at a McDonalds for a bite. While there someone had picked up a copy of a local newspaper and to everyone's surprise there was
Lisa Capuano, wife of Steve, our Chapter President,  featured on the front page of the Reno Gazette.
   After breakfast our group, led by Rich our State Rep., rode to Virginia City on a climbing curving road just made for motorcycles. The ride was made more interesting in that there was a foot race going on along the route and also many bicycles were on the road.
   Virginia City was a lot like Tombstone, AZ with older buildings and people walking around in 1880's costume. We were walking around with Don & Carm and we decided to go ahead and split with the group for a ride around Lake Tahoe.
   The ride west up into Lake Tahoe was a steep and winding highway up until we crested the rim and beheld the beautiful lake below. We rode south along the lake in a clockwise route, planning to stop for lunch at a place Shirlee and I had visited with her sister Ellen and husband Bruce (Wally) some years ago that was on the Cal/Nev border. As we rode on we became concerned that we wouldn't be able to find it again so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in
Tahoe City, CA. We had a great meal there and then resumed our trip. About 2 miles down the road we came upon the CalNeva Casino Complex, which was the place we were looking for. Mostly I remember having a great glass of wine and the best, thickest and cheapest prime rib dinner I had ever had, to this day! Our appetites taken care of, we passed it by, riding on a couple of more miles until we came to the road that would take us on up to the crest of the north rim of the lake and back to Reno. As we neared the top of the grade we were in an area that had a great deal of snow still on the ground and it was fairly cold, so we hurried along, descending into warmer air until, at the bottom, the wind picked up. It was almost like driving through a blast furnace at times!
   Back at the Nugget we sat with Carm & Don and waited for the rest of the group we had started out with to return so that we could say our 'goodbyes' and return to the RV park to prepare for our departure in the morning.
   At the park I loaded up the bike and disassembled the big cage. That done we headed to the '
In-N-Out' burger joint that was on Victorian Ave., a couple of blocks from where we were staying. They were quite well known locally for having the best burgers in town, and they were pretty good. We probably wouldn't want to make a steady diet of them though.
   Returning to camp, we headed for the showers and bed to get an early start for the 3rd longest leg of our trip in the morning.