RV Log Page # 0041
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Sunday - May 22, 2010
232 miles today.
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Approx. 7637 miles thus far.
Approx. 1808 miles to go.
   By the time we awoke this morning the wind had disappeared and there wasn't a cloud to see anywhere. Having left the truck hooked up, we were ready to go quickly and left at around 8 o'clock.
   We headed west on I-80 for 7 miles until we intersected I-25 South and turned toward Denver. There wasn't much to look at except for quite a few pronghorns in the fields along the way that were peacefully dining alongside herds of cattle.
    We stopped at a Waffle House in
Ft. Collins, CO for breakfast, then we fueled up for the trip to Gypsum, CO, which is west of Denver on I-70.
   Thankfully we made our connection with I-70 on the north side of Denver, saving us the heavy traffic that's always a mess toward downtown, even on Sunday.
   As we swung west onto I-70 the started climbing almost immediately. We had lost almost 1,000 feet coming to the 'Mile High City' from Cheyenne, but that was quickly regained, and THEN some! Soon we were entering the
Eisenhower Tunnel and crossed the Continental Divide while we were still inside the tunnel.
   We were still climbing when, a little west of the tunnel, we reached

Vail Pass
at an elevation of 10,662 feet!  Then we started the trip down the hill, passing through some familiar ski towns such as Copper Mountain, CO and Vail, CO. This was my second time traversing the area, but Shirlee has been through here on ski trips a few times.
   We reached our destination at
River Dance RV Resort and after checking in we set up camp for the next three nights. I've found that Gypsum is at an elevation of 6,334 feet, so we're about 300 feet higher than when we started out this morning!
   The truck ran beautifully (in spite of gulping fuel) and the trailer brakes really did their job on the downhill 7% grades. One of the truck escape (runaway) ramps had just been used ahead of us, as we could see alot of smoke still coming from his brakes!
   The boys are all happy now that they have their big cage to get out in for the next 2 1/2 days. Depending on the weather, we'll go for some rides on the motorcycle, beginning tomorrow.

   Just returned from dining out at the
Grand Avenue Grill in Eagle, CO, which is about 7 miles east of us here. Shirlee had a nice meal of salmon, while I was to be disapointed with a REALLY salty gravy on meatloaf. They redid the meatloaf so we could take it 'home' to be enjoyed at a later time in one of Shirlee's magical concoctions! 

Monday - May 24, 2010

   Today we got up to sunny skies that rapidly turned sour. Presently (at 8 AM) the weather is blowing rain/sleet and COLD!  I've had to close the door to the cat cage as the wind is blowing through and chilling the 5th wheel. As we were preparing to depart it started snowing hard, but not sticking to anything. Looks like we'll spend our day driving back to Vail to snoop around and see what the 'rich & famous' are up to.

   Wrong! . . . we drove west about 25 miles to
Glenwood Springs, CO, going through the striking Glenwood Canyon on the way. We then went to Walmart to get a prescription filled, and afterward to the Glenwood Hot Spring Resort in town to soak in their 104 degree pool for a while. AHHHhhhh!  THAT felt good. On the way back to camp we stopped at one of 4 rest areas within the Canyon to walk and gawk. It really is breathtaking.
   Back 'home' now we're going to take it easy while doing some laundry. We'll head up to Vail tomorrow.

Tuesday - May 25, 2010

   What a gorgeous morning . . . blue, cloudless skies and NO wind! It's a great day for a drive up to Vail and visit some of Shirlee's old 'haunts'.
   Vail is a very pretty area with alot of beautiful buildings and nice shops to poke your head in. It was lightly populated this time of year. Shirlees says it is packed with people during the ski season and I believe that. Someone has to support all of the businesses, and there are many . . . some high end (a polo shirt for $250? - but of course it was reverseable) to the lower end ('T-Shirt' shops - 4 for $20 or $6.50 each!).
   We had a fun time walking and riding the free shuttle bus around town and stopping for a bite to eat at one of the taverns that was open. Many of the business were closed until the Summer season, which starts June 1st. This has been par for the course in our travels.
   We have now returned to camp and I (Bob) have a few things to do before morning to make our departure easier, like stowing the big cage, and I've got to secure a window which has lost it's mechanism . . . one more item to turn in for warranty work when we get home. Shirlee is fixing up some breakfast burritos for the morning and the aroma is more than I might be able to bear! I'd better wait.
   Even with the weather we've had here, this has been one of the nicest areas we have stayed.
   We have our longest drive of the trip tomorrow at 444 miles, so we want to get an early start, meaning getting to bed a little sooner than later.
   It's a little hard to believe, but we'll be home 2 weeks from today!