RV Log Page # 0040
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Saturday - May 22, 2010
301 miles today.
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Approx. 7405 miles thus far.
Approx. 1995 miles to go.
   Woke up at 6 o'clock (still on eastern time I guess) to sunny skies this morning, but clouds were on the horizon and headed our way, so no time to dawdle. The ground here has sparce grass with dirt (now mud) in between. Makes for real nice setting up or tearing down! Oh well, that's why we have rubber boots.
   We headed west on I-90 about 40 miles to
Sundance, WY, where we headed south on WY585 and eventually picked up US85 and then I-25 on in to Cheyenne, WY. We stayed out of the rain, but the winds have been strong out of the north all day. About half of the time they helped, the other times it was 'white-knuckle' driving. Not only was the wind a factor, we were driving up and down hill all day . . . mostly up. The elevation at Spearfish, SD is at 3,643 feet, while here in Cheyenne we are presently at a heigth of 6,062 feet - a climb of over 2,400 feet.
   Not much to report on the drive here except we saw many Pronghorn Antelope, with more than a few lying dead along side of the highway. We did see, on a ridge we passed, by a cowboy on a horse - a picture right out of the old west! It looks like there might be two people aboard, but it's a post or something in the background. Another thing is that we couldn't find anywhere to stop for breakfast (that looked decent) except a 'Subway' in
Newcastle, WY. We tried their breakfast sandwiches and they are just about the best fast-food breakfast sandwiches - period - in my never-to-be-humble opinion.
   We arrived at the KOA in Cheyenne at about 3 o'clock, checked in and set up camp. The wind is blowing at around 30 MPH, with gusts to 50 or so. We'll just leave the pick-up hooked up. We're just here for the one night anyway, thank God!
   I met some folks who just checked in from
Hillsboro, OR who are on their way east in a motorhome. They said that they left the Salt Lake City, UT area this morning and it was snowing, and it snowed on them for quite awhile on into WY! Glad we're not going that way!