RV Log Page # 0038
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Monday - May 17, 2010
329 miles today.
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Approx. 6900 miles thus far.
Approx. 2500 miles to go.
   We were up fairly early for our departure from Fargo and our free camp site at Walmart, and we were anxious to get to Medora, ND - our next stop - and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
   Our drive was hampered by some headwinds and by the fact that we were gaining elevation, going from 904' in Fargo to 2290' in Medora, so fuel consumption suffered a bit. On the bright side, we stopped to stretch our legs and have something (?) to drink at a rest area just east of Medora, where we met three young college grads from
Quebec who were traveling in a small car and were heading home, having done alot of the trip we were doing, only in reverse order! What a nice trio of kids who spoke English with HEAVY French accents. Imagine sleeping in a small car with three buddies for 3-weeks! We gave them each a beer (drinking age is lower in the 5th wheel) and some goodies to go.
   We had planned on staying at the
AmericInn in Medora and use their facilities for the next two nights, especially after our 'primative' stay in Fargo! They even allowed us to plug into one of their light posts which had a 110v outlet attached - for FREE - so we could keep the 'fridge' going.
   After settling down we went out for a walk in town - just across the RR tracks -  and wound up at 'Boots Bar and Grill' that had Elk and Buffalo burgers, which is what we had and they were great! The place looks like an old west saloon without trying to, if you know what I mean.
   Tomorrow we are heading for the T.R. Park and where ever that leads us.

Tuesday - May 18, 2010

   We were up at 5:30 this morning, what with the change to Mountain Time. Hey, we beat the crowd - I think there are four people here besides us - to the breakfast bar!
   After seeing the boys and cleaning the litter box and stuff we left for the Park.
   The entrance was just a couple of blocks down the street and when we arrived there wasn't anyone to check our pass and the visitor's Center was closed - 7:30 AM - so we headed on in. The drive was a 30 mile loop which had many stunning vistas and lots of animals to see. Make sure you check out the photo page links.
   We hiked (Shirlee more than me!) some of the trails and one that Shirlee did had her returning with a big grin on her face. She had come across a small group of Mustangs (ferel horses, they call them here) that included a foal. She took some photos which I've tried to enhance as she didn't want to get too close and spook them.
   There were many Bison, mostly in groups of 3 or 4 and individuals. I was expecting too much to see a 'thundering herd' but hey, even T.R. had trouble finding them when he was here due to the slaughtering of them years before. There were many Prairie Dog locations, some of the burrows right up next to the asphalt road way!
   We ultimately made our way back to the visitor's center which had by now opened. After snooping around we made a couple of purchased that included a 250 minute DVD bio of Theodore. I've seen parts of it on PBS before and it's a very well done bio on one of my favorite people.
   We returned to the motel and Shirlee fixed up a nice chicken salad for lunch and we then walked 'downtown' to the
North Dakota Cowboy Hall Of Fame. This was a real treat for us in that it wasn't just some hokie place with a bunch of 'antiques' on display. What they had were displays that showcased many different eras of North Dakota from ancient (70 millon years ago) to present day, including the history of the horse and man in the area. It took us a couple of hours going through all of the exhibits.
   After that we were ready for some refreshment and returned to the 'Boots Bar & Grill'. Nice folks there, and everywhere here in Medora.
   Now back at the motel, Shirlee is slaving over laudry while I try to get this log caught up, and plan our route tomorrow for South Dakota and the sights down there. As soon as I get this page uploaded I'll go see if I can give Shirlee a helping hand. Nope, she beat me to it. Guess we'll decide on where to eat and then hit the hot tub.