RV Log Page # 0037
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Sunday - May 16, 2010
235 miles today.
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Approx. 6571 miles thus far.
Approx. 2829 miles to go.
   Today it's off to Fargo, ND and a Walmart Supercenter parking lot that we called ahead for permission to spend the night in. We've heard lots of stories and controversies about doing that, but the best advise we were given was to just call ahead and ask for permission. Not all Walmarts allow RV overnight parking, for various reasons.
   We arrived in Fargo and proceeded to the selected Walmart and chose a location out on the perimeter of their parking lot, as requested by the management. We even did some sundry shopping. We had to go elsewhere for beer due to local regulations.
   We decided to dine at a close by
Texas Roadhouse to try their food. I made the mistake of ordering something with deep fried chicken in it and the oily taste of it just about made me sick. Shirlee had a half of a rack of pork ribs that was kinda dry, but OK after some more sauce was delivered.
   We returned to the camper and rested up before bed by watching the latest episode of 'The Tudors' on satellite. The generator works perfectly, and the air-conditioner too!