RV Log Page # 0036
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Saturday - May 15, 2010
190 miles today.
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Approx. 6336 miles thus far.
Approx. 3064 miles to go.
   We bid farewell to Thunder Bay under cloudless, sunny skies at 8 o'clock this morning in route to Cloquet, MN, which is about 20 miles west of Duluth, MN.
   Our first stop was about 45 miles into the trip at the U.S/Canada border at
Grand Portage, MN, that was pretty uneventful except that the Border agent was really impressed with Mo & George! The border patrol was much more lax that we were lead to believe and the only questions concerned fruits, vegtables and firewood which would not be taken back to the USA.

The ride before we got to the border was ho-hum, however afterwards the ride was just full of spectacular views of Lake Superior. We planned on a few stops along the way at state parks and scenic stops to look for rocks and enjoy some of the MANY waterfalls along the shoreline. Who would have thunk (MN lingo) that Northern Minnesota would have beautiful, sunny weather even when the rest of the USA was under a cold freeze. Even the numerous
Paul Bunyon statues were impressive.

   One of the best views (for me at least) was the dollars per gallon diesel prices once we crossed the border. What I had previously judged to be robbery was welcome at $3.15, and less! Like the Border agent said, "Welcome back to the U.S.A.!  And . . . we gained an hour coming back into Central Time!
   Duluth kinda surprised us by being an attractive town - at least the part we drove through, down along the western most tip of Lake Superior. There were many fine, expensive homes along the shoreline. We drove on to Cloquet and the KOA there without reservations and without any problem getting a good space. It's still fairly early up here for most campers to be out, except for one fellow here from Duluth having a little get-away from his job of driving a city bus for the city of Duluth, who was here with a couple of others. We chatted for awhile and he said, as we were parting company, that if we were going out for supper and we liked Mexican food to give
Mexican Lindo Restaurant  a try . . . that he recommended it highly. We did just that.
   The restaurant was a 'fun' place, with great service and real nice people. The food beat out expectations, including the BEST deep-fried icecream we've ever had!
   We then returned to camp to hit the hay and get rested for our drive tomorrow.