RV Log Page # 35
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Thursday - May 13, 2010
439 miles today.
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Approx. 6146 miles thus far.
Approx. 3254 miles to go.
   We were up & about early this morning wanting to get into this 400+ mile day and get it over with. A-Men!
   Our first stop was 140 miles later in
Wawa, ON where we topped off the diesel  and had a meal to keep us going too. Price for diesel here? $3.46 per gallon!
   Driving conditions on
TransCanada 17 were mixed. Traffic was very light almost all day, except when we neared Thunder Bay. The highway is mostly 2-lane and almost all of it in dire need of resurfacing !!! You MIGHT see a weird little wavy looking sign (or not) and by then most of your tires have returned to earth .  . . maybe! Really . . . pretty bad. Where construction has placed new culvert under the road, the patch jobs are horrendous! Well, enough of that.
   We stopped again about 120 miles farther and, again, topped off at $3.96 per gallon! On average it's costing us about $0.35 per mile in fuel to drive through Canada!
   As we neared Thunder Bay it started raining, and then it started raining HARD & BLOWING! Due to inadaquete signage, we missed the road we were supposed to turn on and had to back-track to find it. Coming back the other way there was a huge sign where we were to turn. When we were checking in I asked about a sign for those coming westbound on 17. They said "Oh, there is one about 21 kilometers before you make the turn." These guys were smoking something funny! Anyhow, we got set up in the driving rain and I got soaked and cold. Thank God our furnace really warms things up quickly. The weather isn't forecast to be much better tomorrow either. We'll just have to wait and find out. Our cell phones don't work here either.

Friday - May 14, 2010

    Cool and overcast this morning. Shirlee cooked up a hearty breakfast with hash, bacon, eggs, toast and O.J. We're ready to go now!
   I've got a couple of things to tend to such as a broken window crank, finding a pin to replace one that is missing from one of our leveler jacks and rigging something that'll keep the slider door to our bedroom from closing while underway. Just imagine one (or both) of the boys not being able to reach their litterbox! Yuck!
   We are going to head for
Kakabeka Falls which is about 20 KM west of here. On the way there is an RV store that should have the window crank parts I need (I've been told).  Turns out they had only part of the parts I need. Guess we'll pick up the rest as we go on down the road.
   Kakabeka Falls is pretty nice, although there wasn't a whole lot of water going over the falls. Not much open there either due to the cool weather hanging around the area.
   I believe I speak for both of us when I say that we'll be glad to get back in the states, or at least to some nice weather. Today has been rain & sunshine back and forth all day. I've been checking with the
Weather Channel.com and we have some 70 degree weather forecast for where we are going for the next week or so. What a nice change that'll be! And that is starting with the Duluth, MN area which is where we will hang our hats tomorrow, back in the good ol' U.S. of A.