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RV Log Page # 0031
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Sunday - May 2, 2010
420 miles today.
   We passed a major milestone when we headed out this morning, being that we went by the 4,500 mile point of our journey - half way!
   Today was a long day! We left the KOA in Granite City, IL at about 8:30 AM. Along the way we had to pay the highest price for diesel on the trip thus far . . . $3.30 per gal. going through Illinios. The highest previously paid was $3.10 per gal. in California.
   We arrived at the KOA in
Granger, IN at about 4:30 PM. This is a suburb of South Bend, IN, home of the University of Notre Dame. This KOA is really one of the nicest we've been to. The owners/hosts, Thomas and Patricia, are a great couple originally from Switzerland, and are great to talk with. This is surely one of those places we could have spent a few days longer in.
   We asked what the best local eateries were and Thomas and Patricia recommended '
Eddies Steak Shed'. They were right on the money! We both had a rib-eye steak that was (1) absolutely delicious and, (2) more than either of us could eat. So . . . Shirlee suggested that we take it 'home' and make a stroganoff with the remainder. Great idea! It will make the best stroganoff!
   Returning home we watched a little TV and went to bed, as for one thing, we are now in the Eastern Time Zone and it's an hour later than it was. No wonder I'm tired!