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RV Log Page # 0030
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Friday - April 30, 2010
   We awoke at the KOA in Springfield, MO and headed east toward St. Louis on I-44 again, with strong sidewinds still blowing us all around. It was, at times, white-knuckle driving!
   We drove through some areas that I had been in back in the 1950's when my dad was in the Army and stationed at
Fort Leonard Wood, MO and we lived in nearby Waynesville, MO.
   The rest of the drive was mostly uneventful, save for major slow downs due to construction (a rarity on this trip thus far!), an we entered the
St. Louis, MO area at about 2 o'clock. We then negotiated the freeway system and, with a lot of help from our GPS, we continued on across the Mississippi River to Granite City, IL and the local KOA Kampground there. This place will not make our top 10 places we have stayed. It is in an industrial area with a noisy junkyard to one side. Oh, the wonders of traveling to unknown spots!
   We are here for 2 nights and we hope to get to see some of the many local sites here (St. Louis!).
   Listening to the news we are expected to have severe storms in the area tonight. Sure, why not?!
   Shirlee: Dinner tonight was at Applebee's and the steak was excellent for only $10.99. (:

Saturday - May 1, 2010
   We were surrounded by tornado warnings until midnight last night. There were reports of tornado touchdowns south, north and east of us. We had a lot of lightning and rain, but that was it. Things are pretty wet this morning, but the skies are clear.
   We departed the Kampgrounds enroute to a salon where Shirlee & I both got our hair done. That was a first! After that we ate lunch which was right next door to the salon, and we then headed over to St. Louis to tour the
Anheuser-Busch brewery.
   It's the first time for both of us there and we were really impressed with the size of the facility and the courtesies exhibited by the knowledgeable staff. We signed up for a 'Beer School' class that was both informative (even to an old beer guzzler like Bob) and alot of fun. We both graduated and received our diplomas! We then went on an extended tour of the place, including a visit to the
Clydesdales and their stables - wow, how clean! - and ended up - of course - at the tap room. I've not really cared for Budweiser beer in the past as it tends to give me a slight headache after consuming 2 of them. They did, however, have their 'American Ale', and I (Bob) loved it. Nice malty taste with just a hint of bitters. One of our 'instructors' was a dead-on ringer for Troy, tho' a little bit smaller. We then visited their gift shop and looked for odds & ends for different people. Again, it was a visit well worth the time.
   Of course we also drove by the famous
Gateway Arch, but we didn't have the time to get up close and personal with it. St. Louis is one of those places one wishes more time was to be had to explore.
   Shirlee: A trip to the KOA after our return revealed that the restrooms are also suffering from the storm (although Bob says that the Men's restroom was a mess even before the storm) as campers enter with muddy boots and the shower and bathroom resemble a pig stye . . . Oh, well at least our backup shower in the 5th wheel is clean!  I will say that the laundry room here is clean and a wash and dry is only $1.50 per load.  

220 miles today.