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RV Log Page # 0029
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Wednesday - April 28, 2010
   The drive today was long, and for the most part, boring. We did see some pretty scenery here and there, but it was mostly flat and FLAT!
   We pulled into
Fort Smith, AR pretty much on time and got all checked in at the Aspen Suites Inn on Rogers Ave. They had said we could park the 5th wheel in their back parking lot and we did so, but not without some scraping of the rear jacks due to the undulations of their lot. Anyway, safe, but sound.
   I then called Ken Hamilton, an ex-in-law and great fellow. We had talked before our trip started to inform him that we were headed that way and we sure wanted to see him and his wife Ann, and my biggest yearning was to see his mother Esther Mae. It had been almost 30 years since I had seen Ken and Ann and almost 34 years since I had seen 'Aunt Mae'! She is a very grand lady who has aged wonderfully at 92 years.
   Shirlee and I drove to Ken & Ann's home in
Greenwood and visited with them that evening, and planned on a luncheon date with 'Aunt Mae' for the following day.
   After a wonderful visit we returned to the motel for a restful night's sleep.  
377 miles today.
Thursday - April 29, 2010
   After arising this morning I contacted the Ft. Smith Fire Dept. to inquire as to whether or not any of the persons I used to work with were still around. I was informed that the last person I would have known, Jerry Tomlinson, who had risen to the rank of Fire Chief, had retired in June of last year. All of that said Shirlee and I discussed leaving Ft. Smith right after our date with Ken, Ann & 'Aunt Mae'. We really had no more we could do there once we had our 'reunion', so we decided to just head north and get as far as we could that afternoon in order to take off as many miles as we could of the 400+ scheduled miles to St. Louis, MO.
   We met the 'Hamiltons' at about 11:30 at a popular local eatery named
Chick-fil-A and had a great time chatting and reminiscing about years gone by and how much grayer we all were! We told them of our plan to leave early and after lunch we all hugged and kissed and parted company. It is with GREAT sadness that I realized after we had left that I had forgotten to get a single photo!
   We departed Ft. Smith at about 1:30 or so and headed north. We reached
Joplin, MO at around 3 o'clock and decided that we were good to go for a few more miles. After turning east on I-44 we were hit with viscious side winds for the nest 100 or so miles and finally we called it quits at Springfield, MO and got a good night's sleep.
200 miles today.