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RV Log Page # 0028
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Tuesday - April 27, 2010
   This morning we got all packed up and said our goodbyes after trading e-mails and such with Jean & Ken, and off we went, heading for Vicksburg, MS, and Magnolia RV Park Resort . Our route took us back through Mobile, AL, and past the place where they have the old battleship USS Alabama moored. It is pretty impressive, even from a mile away!
   Aside from some really bad road conditions on I-20 between
Jackson, MS and Vicksburg, it was a fairly nice drive, a beautiful day, and the day passed quickly. We were about 40 miles south of Yazoo City, MS, the town that was hit by tornados a couple of days ago.
   Once at the park, and after we set up, we headed out to get some BBQ. The park host recommended
Goldie's BBQ which was just a mile of so away. We rate it pretty good. They have a drive-thru place in a different location that has a couple of items not on the other menu, so we went there to pick up an order of red beans & sausage over rice, with corn bread. Uhh umm!
   We have a longer drive tomorrow so beddy-bye looms, but not before I see how the new DVD of
Avatar I purchased plays on our system!  
300 miles today