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Friday - April 23, 2010

Another very humid morning, making it less fun to break camp and move on. However, and moving on, today's drive was uneventful (good thing) and fairly short at only about 220 miles. We arrived at our destination - Playa del Rio RV Park - at about 2:30 today with plenty of time to set up and meet some fellow travelers. One thing to mention, however, is that a side-wind that blew on us most of the day has turned into thunderstorms. According to the Weather Channel, we are on the southeast border of a huge thunderstorm/tornado pattern that stretches from where we are in western Florida to Houston, TX and up into Arkansas and beyond. And . . . this stuff is supposed to remain in the area for the next three days! And . . . it heads more east every day! What more could we ask for ??? Oh well. Weather is our friend!
   On the brighter side, after we got all set up we went to eat at a place recommended by a fellow traveler called '
The Shrimp Basket', which is just 3 miles east of us.
   Shirlee and I both had wonderful meals that included flakey white fish, Crawfish Etoufee, Cajun blackened shrimp, gumbo, Key Lime Pie, Hush Puppies . . . we just got back and I, for one, am STUFFED, but describing this is almost making me hungry!
   It's getting later in the evening now and the thunder and lightning keep increasing, plus its starting to rain pretty hard. It is refreshing tho' how it clears the air here. Should make for a good sleep tonight. 

Saturday - April 24, 2010

We did sleep fairly well, until about 4 o'clock this morning when we were awakened by flashes of lightning and thunder . . . very LOUD thunder! And then it rained HARD!
   After we got up at a decent hour we drove east to the mainland to a place called '
Big Lagoon State Park' where we walked most of the trails through wildlife habitat. Probably the weather had alot to do with not seeing very many species of anything. We had a nice walk tho'. We then went shopping at a local 'Winn-Dixie' super market for supplies before returning to our 'home'.
   By then the wind was picking up and it started raining hard again for an hour or so. Good time to do laundry!
   While waiting for a washer load to get done, our neighbors dropped by to yak and told us they were going to walk about 1/3 to 1/2 mile down the street to the Alabama/Florida state line where an unusual competition has been going on since Friday, and was to continue through Sunday, that is called '
The Flora-Bama Mullet Toss'. DO follow the link to learn of this 'wunderful' event! Shirlee and I walked down after the laundry only to discover that there was a $10 fee each to enter. We had not thought to bring any money with us, so after observing one of the bigger beer/alcohol guzzling sites I've been witness to (and all manner of dress one might associate with such 'redneck' (?) events), we returned to the more civilized confinds of our 5th wheel - where the beer was MUCH cheaper! We might return tomorrow depending on the weather. Of course the biggest reason for attending this arena of mayhem is in honor of Shirlee's brother Daniel who lived in the area once, who, I've been informed, probably is well versed in the peculiar aspects of flinging a dead fish for all one's worth! Eh, Dan? Tomorrow they have a bikini contest and that made us wonder if Mary was familiar with the goings on here also?
   Shirlee made up a batch of spagetti, while all along the weather was deteriorating. Heavy rains and lightning and thunder have been ongoing now for about 3 hours. I'll tell you one thing for SURE! The boys don't like it one bit! George goes and hides under our pillows on our bed (same place he goes when we are moving). Mo, well he's just nervous.
   Our internet link just crashed at exactly to same time as a really close lightning strike occured here. Wonder how long before that gets fixed?


Sunday - April 25, 2010

By the time we went to bed last night the weather had cleared and the humidity skyrocketed! Well . . . enough of that. We turned on the AC and slept very well through the night. This morning there is not a cloud in the sky, with a slight breeze. It's still humid (we ARE in the Gulf!) but managable.
   Keeping an eye on the weather news we saw that Yazoo City, MS got hit by a tornado pretty hard yesterday during the height of the storm. That's about 300 miles from us. Apparently there are 10 or so people missing or killed including 3 children. That is very sad.
   The internet came back up at about 9 o'clock so I'll be able to update the web-site now . . .

   We just returned from the area of the Mullet Toss and it is a riotous place to be with lots of people there, either partaking in the contest or just observing or both. There are MANY bikinis roaming the area, and just as MANY hunks for the ladies to see. Everyone was having a good time. I paid my $15 and entered the Mullet Toss contest. If nothing else I figured I would get a T-shirt. As I was waiting in line for my opportunity to come up I  was paying attention to how people were 'Tossing' the Mullet. Most of the guys were folding the fish in half and throwing it like a baseball. I'd say that the average distance I saw thrown was about 50-55 feet. The longest throw I saw was 109 feet, by a guy who looked like a professional football running back, and he threw the guts out of the fish! With my shoulder not being what it used to be, I figured I'd try laying the fish (about a foot long) on my forearm, head first, with my mid-finger hooked in it's gill and heave it like throwing a line from a boat. When my turn came that is what I did and my throw measured 49 feet 8 inches. Not too bad for an old f_ _ t! Shirlee said afterwards that It would have gone alot farther had I heaved it a little bit higher. We found out that they take the top 6 competitors for each day, in each class, and there is to be a 'finals' competition that begins at 5 o'clock this afternoon. We plan to head back down there to be in time to see if I qualified. If I didn't, hey . . . we're having alot of fun anyway, as Daniel would be able to vouch to! Thanks Dan!

   As it turned out I didn't qualify for the finals, but that's OK! I didn't want to have to come back next year to defend the title anyway. Yeah . . . Right! We did have a good time and we got LOTS of sun! We walked back on the beach to the camp ground. What a gorgeous beach! White sugar sand. Warm water. Beautiful blue sky. We need more days like this!
   Well, time to go get something to eat. Where shall we go next . . . ? 

Dinner was about the worst meal we have had on this trip. It was a local Mexican restaurant and the food was either bland or awful, as was the server. No chance of us ever going there again! 

Monday - April 26, 2010

   Not a whole lot going on today. I've been checking out the truck's vitals and Shirlee has been checking out the rest! I've taken down the cat's big cage and stowed it. I now have a pretty good routine for that. Other than that we have been reading and catching up with phone messages. I returned a call from Bruce V. and caught him and Sally at
Dulles International on their way to Spain for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, it's a real rotten life they have . . . all that foreign food and unfamiliar beds! Yuck! At least we get to sleep in our own comfy bed!
    Tomorrow we depart for
Vicksburg, MS, about 300 miles away. We have some longer drives coming up real soon too, 400+ miles!
    We are approaching the half way point (mileage wise) of our travels, which will occur at St. Louis, MO. Our half way point time-wise was passed back in the middle of this month, just as we left Port Aransas. Time flies when . . .
   Anyway, Shirlee and I are going for a last walk on the beach and watch the sun go down. See ya.
   Back from the beach and we stopped in to chat for a bit with the park hosts, Jean and Ken from Minnesota. Meeting people like them is what makes RVing so much fun.