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RV Log Page # 0026

Wednesday - April 21, 2010
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   Up & at 'em to about the most humid day of the trip thus far. We were just happy to get into the air-conditioned truck and get started. We drove a couple of miles to the Galveston/Bolivar Ferry for a 20 minute ride. This saved us over 50 miles of highway, and avoided Houston traffic! The ferry is free and it is a bigger version of the ones at Port 'A'.
   Off the ferry and continuing on east to the
New Orleans, LA area and our camp site at the KOA, we passed through east Texas along the Gulf and the damage done by Hurricane Ike is most evident here. There were lots of repair projects and even new construction (all of our insurance premiums at work here!).
   Leaving Texas, we proceeded on I-10 east in Louisiana. During this time we drove on the
Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, which is 18 miles long, going through swamps that were beautiful to look at as we drove by. The view probably wasn't appreciated as much by the first explorers that had to find a way through though! Lots of nasty critters down there.
   As we neared our goal, we crossed the southern edge of 
Lake Pontchartrain which is the second largest salt-water lake in the US.
   After a drive of about 350 miles we entered the KOA and checked in. At first glance, this is by far the nicest KOA we have seen!
   Shirlee has checked with the people in the office and got some ideas of what we want to do tomorrow, as we plan on spending most of tomorrow checking out the town via the local trolley system.    
Thursday - April 22, 2010
   Today we plan to spend most of the day down around the 'French Quarter', and seeing the fabled 'Bourbon Street'.
   We drove our truck down to a place where the locals park their vehicles along the railroad tracks before using the local
trolley system to go downtown. Boarding the trolley (streetcar) we purchased day passes for $5 each, which would allow us to get on and off at will along the route. We wanted to get on one of them and just ride the whole loop, and then go around again to get off at places we had noted. Oh well, it wouldn't work that way. The different routes were pretty segmented and, mostly, separated from one another.  On our first route we got off in the 'Garden District' where Shirlee wanted to look at the old houses and architecture. As we got off, I noticed that there was a film crew working at a beautiful church we had just passed so while Shirlee was doing her 'thing' I would go and watch the world of filmmaking. I watched them go through the shooting of about three different scenes which were very involved affairs. I learned from a lady that came across the street to where I was standing with some other people that they were shooting a made-for-TV movie to be titled 'Revenge of the Bridesmaids', which was to be released on ABC television in late July or early August. After a while Shirlee returned to where we had agreed to meet and we hopped back on the next streetcar.
   Our trolley let us off right at the west end of 'Bourbon St.' so we decided to walk the length of it to take it all in. Well . . . first impressions were that it is a dirty place that smells of urine and excrement, along with the aromas of various foods. To me it had the similar smell of a Viet-Namese city. We stopped for a bite at an area without the bad odors, but the food wasn't really much to write about. We didn't walk the whole length of the street.
   After a few hours downtown we decided to start hopping trolleys to return to our truck. Along the way we came upon '
Lüke's', a Franco-German place. I didn't see anything on the menu that excited me, but Shirlee ordered the mussels, which she enjoyed.
   One more trolley ride and we were back at our truck, and we returned to the KOA. It was a real whirlwind tour and we saw quite a bit for one day, and regretably, one day was all we had. Tomorrow we head for our easternmost destination of the trip . . . Perdido Bay, Florida.