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RV Log Page # 0025

Monday - April 19, 2010
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   We were up bright and early this morning to break camp and head for Galveston, TX. We left the big cage up for the boys until this morning. I'm sure they appreciated that. We finally left about 10 o'clock and headed for the ferry. I had double checked the tide tables to make sure we had plenty of water so that they would let us aboard. When we loaded, we almost had one whole side of the ferry to ourselves! Once across we drove north on Texas 35.
   After about an hour we were in
Port Lavaca, TX, and we pulled over at a Mexican restaurant Shirlee had spotted to have lunch. I did a cursory check around the rig and guess what? Another tire with a broken belt. We went ahead and ate lunch, which was authentic home cooked and very good. Afterward I went out to put our spare on and try to contact the tire warranty people at Greenball. I got hold of the gal that had sent information via e-mail and she told me that 'Discount Tires' was the dealers for their tires. I then called information to locate the nearest dealer, which happened to be 25 miles away, in the wrong direction, in Victoria, TX. Oh well. It wouldn't be right if it was easy . . . right??!  After we arrived the folks at 'Discount' contacted 'Greenball' to verify warranty info and then we started talking about what was going to be done. They were authorized to replace the two tires with a like or better tire. They then told us what they thought was the best idea for us considering how far we had come, and how far we were going, and the condition of the remaining tires. They said that the tires only had about 3,000 miles on them and looked virtually new, but the truth was that the tires were almost 4 years old and, the worst part, they had been mostly sitting during that time . . . which is a big enemy of radial tires. I'm not going to go into the chemistry of it, but we were told that things just start breaking down from lack of use! And that was where we were at . . . we were going to continue - in their opinion - to have failures until they were all gone, and IF we were lucky, one of them (or more) wouldn't blow out and take some of the 5th wheel siding or whatever with it. So . . . we decided to change them all and try to rid ourselves of the worry. 'Discount Tires' is affiliated with 'America's Tire Company' in Vancouver, WA, and also many other states, and they will honor the full lifetime replacement warranty on the new tires. Once the job was done, we headed again for Galveston, our wallets a little lighter.
   After all of the running around we finally reached
Bayou Shores RV Park at about 7:30 p.m., which left us with just enough daylight to hook up power and water, and put the boy's small 'condo' up. I just left the truck hooked up until morning. After a walk around the park and getting the bathroom code from our new 'neighbor', we returned to the 'house' to relax the remainder of the evening and hit the hay.  
Tuesday - April 20, 2010
   Today we spent mostly running around looking for this great eatery we had dined at some time ago when we came to visit Geoff (Bob's) when he was attending San Marcos Academy, which is northeast of San Antonio, TX. After talking with a number of folks we determined that it was most probably blown away during Hurricane Ike which rolled through here last year. So we started looking for an alternative. And, with the help of the gal at the RV Park office, we found Benno's . What a fabulous meal we had! We started out with Crawfish Etouffee and then for our main course we chose the whole flounder. We shared both. The Etouffee was to die for (Bob). That was followed by desert. Bob had the Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce and Shirlee elected to have the Key Lime Pie. I (Bob) think I made the better choice. After consuming our ration of calories for the next two weeks we went shopping for needed groceries and then returned to the 5th wheel and the boys. They have done SO well on this trip.
   As the evening winds down we are awaiting the showing of 'Nurse Jackie' and then we'll probably read a bit before turning in. We've got a 335 mile day tomorrow, on our way to a KOA just west of New Orleans, but at least part of it is a free, 30 minute ferry ride. Yahoo!