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RV Log Page # 0024
Monday - March 22, 2010
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   Today is bright sunshine - when it finally rose - and no wind. We headed out on Interstate 10 and after 70 miles arrived at San Antonio where we picked up I-35 which would take us on in to Corpus Christi. We hit San Antonio at about 10 AM and the traffic was light. It is a large area, taking 20 miles to go from city limit to city limit.
   We arrived at Corpus and followed the GPS which routed us along the bay on the mainland instead of across the causeway and up the island.
   When we arrived at
Arransas Pass, where we were to ride a ferry across to Port Aransas, there was a lighted sign stating that no trucks, RV's or 5th wheels were allowed on the ferries due to low tide! Not very convenient for us. We talked about waiting for the tide to change ( a possible 5-6 hours ) or just go back the way we came, which is what we did.
   We finally arrived at
Marina Beach RV Resort and checked in, about an hour and a half later than we should have. The resort is right downtown and close to the water and stores.
   Shirlee and I set up the 5th wheel and then proceeded to assemble the big cage for the boys so that they could have some 'elbow room' outside. Our space is a 'corner lot' whereby we don't have any neighbors (or their sewer hook-ups) out our front door. Nice! It cost  $10 more a month but is worth it.
   We purchased their wifi package for the month and it is a good high speed connection. Now I just gotta work on the e-mail situation.
   This place is pretty full. Haven't had a chance to look at all of the license plates yet, but so far Texas and Minnesota seem to have the most representatives.
   Now that we are here I'm not too sure how much we will be putting on the log other than daily weather and highlites. We'll see. Right now I've got to get busy putting the DirecTV dish up and working so we can see the season premiere of '
Nurse Jackie'.      
Tuesday - March 23, 2010
   Woke up to over cast skies but warm. I have a few things to work on, including finding some door holders in the area (the things that hold the doors open). One was broken off - I believe - when the guys washed the trailer back in Mesa/Apache Junction.
   After a search on the internet I found an RV parts place just on the other side of the big causeway bridge back in Corpus, about 20 miles away. I got the parts I needed (plus a couple of extras) and replaced the broken ones when I got back.
   I took the bike out of the garage and parked it out our front door on the concrete pad. The soil here is sandy and I won't put that much faith in the kickstand foot being on a solid footing.
   The sun has come out and it is beautiful! However, it is time for shorts and sandles now.
   On to the e-mail problem. I called Comcast tech support and reach an understandable voice on the other end! Helpful too! I reset the parameters within the e-mail program and - ooh, la, la - all of the e-mails that were in the 'outbox' started sending. So . . . if some of you out there received some 'outdated-looking' messages, that's why.
Hopefully that is the end of it.
   As the sun lowers to the horizon it really cools off fast around here! I'll have to put warmer clothes on when we go to eat supper.
   We walked to a seafood (what else) restaurant down the street from us that was situated over the water at a marina, filled with private sport fishing boats. Lots of money invested there! We had a great meal with a gorgeous sunset. I took pictures with my cell phone (not a bad camera). Hopefully I'll be able to figure out why I no longer am able to upload photos to the web-site. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my changing over anti-virus software from McAfee to Norton, as per a Comcast directive, but I haven't figured it out yet.
   With the help of Hostica support it was determined that I had to change file names and that did the trick - as you can tell.                     
Wednesday - March 24, 2010
   This morning it is overcast (as predicted at the weather site) and some precipitation - NO snow! - is predicted. It is sort of a 'work' day anyway, like laundry and grocery shopping. Tomorrow is forecast for thundershowers, and then after that a period of sunshine!
   We had our first realized tragedy this morning as we used the last of our  'Grandma Ellie's Fresh Eggs'. We don't know if we are going to have to hurry home or what!?! Well, I guess we'll just have to put up with a lesser product and not tell 'Grandma'.

   It is nice to be settled in now and not be anticipating getting ready to leave all of the time. 
   These two pictures represent our travels thus far from Camas to Port Aransas - a total of almost 2,900 miles, or about 1/3 of the total trip!
Thursday - March 25, 2010
   Another day in paradise! Well . . . better than we had. The weather on the internet is calling for thundershowers today some time. Right now it is clear, but windy.
   We drove down to the
Padre Island Nat. Park to try to get a latest update on the sea turtles. Again, bright and sunny, but windy! I picked up a GREAT sticker for the back of the 5th wheel.
   On the way back we stopped at a 'bird basin' in the park, but it only led us to where they wind-surf around here. We talked with one guy from Minnesota who comes down for a month and camps in his car! He said he has been to Hood River too. As far as bird-watching goes, Shirlee noted that there was a birding area not far from our camp that we can walk to.
   We stopped at a local brew-pub (
Port Aransas Brewing Co.) for something to eat and drink. We both had their brand of pilsner, but neither of us liked it very much. They had Spaten (German) on their list and I ordered one of those. THAT was more like it.
   We stopped at a hardware store and bought a bird feeder to attract some entertainment for the boys. It's been up a couple of hours now, but I haven't noticed anything yet.
   We walked to the ferry dock area and a park along the sea-wall where dolphins are known to congregate. We saw one dolphin in the area where there are usually 5 or 6 frollicking around.
   Returning to camp we walked by a
DQ that was right by the entrance to the RV resort, so we stopped and had a treat. Gotta hurry tho', as 'Project Runway' is on tonight!    
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Friday - March 26, 2010
   Another beautiful day here. The forecast thundershowers never materialized yesterday. We just returned from a walk toward the ocean where the University of Texas has a Marine Sciences campus. It is real pleasant here.
   One thing I should mention here is that we miss our loved ones and an e-mail from one of you really brightens up our day. We are having great fun experiencing this life-style and learning new things and meeting new friends, but hearing from our families and friends is still the best.
   One of our cat admirers told us about a 'happy hour' that would be held a 4:00 o'clock today and that we should go there to meet other people in the park. When 4PM came we walked over to the commons area where about 30 folks were sitting around in a big circle, gabbing, laughing and drinking all kinds a beverages. As we were introduced we found that many of them knew of us because of the 'boys'. Word had spread like wildfire about 'the couple on the end with the big cats!'
   Most of the folks we talked to were from Ontario, Canada and all were very pleasant, with lots of stories about where they had been, how areas had changed. The Texas Gulf Coast is a preferred area now, with Florida rated as very expensive now-a-days. Most of the Canadians had been here since November and were heading back next week. They were in the process of having a kind of going away party during this happy hour where people had purchased Snow Crab legs at $5 per pound and they were cooking it all up in big cauldrons there. They had purchased 60 pounds all together.
   We returned our 5th wheel to finish out our day by reading and watching TV and putting this narrative together. This has been a very nice day.  
Saturday - March 27, 2010
   Today we were planning on a ride on 'Belle' (our motorcycle) of about 50 miles north of us to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to have a look around at the species native to the area, and also those that migrate through here.
   Our morning started out with clouds forming and really muggy, but as the clouds went inland, they broke up. So . . . we decided that we'd take a chance that we wouldn't get rained on - or worse - and after a hearty breakfast, we started out.
   Let me take this time to state something that I probably have been remiss about. Those who know Shirlee know that she is a wonderful cook. That she is able to put together culinary delights in this 'less than optimum' kitchen situation is remarkable. Save one aspect . . . I'm gaining weight. Oh well, that's another story . . .
   The first thing we had to negotiate when we left was the
free ferry system at Port Aransas. No Problems Mate! They put us right on!
   After about an hour's ride, on state secondary roads that would put Interstate highways back home to shame, (and at 70 MPH posted!) we arrived at the refuge. We believe, after riding though it, that we were a little early in the year to really appreciate it. There would, most certainly, be more color from flowers and birds than what we saw. We did see some egrets and a 'herd' of wild hogs that had just crossed the road in front of us, but that was just about the extent of it.
   We decided to head back home and just enjoy the ride. Soon we were back, approching the ferry terminal and saw a sign stating a 30 minute wait. So we pulled up to the rear of the car in front of us to wait out the delay, when a motorcycle went by us on the right, on the shoulder of the road. We had not seen any signs indicating that motorcycles should proceed to the front, such as it is in the North West, so we decided to follow the other bike. We passed many cars and about 6 or so motorcycles on our way up to the ferry. None of those bikes we passed took the hint. When we got up there the official just waved us on board. He later stated that, YES, motocycles go first.
   We finally arrived back at camp when the gentleman that had invited us to the 'happy hour' yesterday came over to announce that a shrimp boat had docked and he was selling jumbo shrimp for $5 a pound! That was just too much to ignore! We jumped in the truck and drove over to where the shrimp boat was - just east of the ferrys - and stood in line for about 10 minutes before we purchased 2 pounds of jumbos. Wow, were they fresh!
   We took them home, where I beheaded, shelled and deveined them and Shirlee prepared a marinade (some of that culinary stuff I was talking about  earlier) to let them stew/soak in for a while. She says that she is going to cook up some Jambalaya. Ummm, ummm!  I did mention my aversion to okra and she said, 'no worries, mate!'
Sunday - March 28, 2010
   It is overcast and cool this morning - again - with the day forecast to be in the high 70's. It did warm up yesterday in the early afternoon, so I guess it'll do the same again today. Beats snow!
   We watched the movie '
The Blind Side' last night on pay-per-view. What a great movie . . . but OK if you want to wait for the DVD as there are no special effects. I might have to buy that one. A lot of great acting by everyone, especially the little brother character.
   We've been told about an oyster feed at an
American Legion in Rockport that begins at 2 o'clock. The cost is $5 each and I think it is all you can stuff. I don't care for the slimey critters, but Shirlee will be in 'hog-heaven'. We just have to make certain that we are back here before 6 o'clock - our time - to set up teleconferencing with Geoffrey and Ashley.
   And we did! For some reason tho', we could not establish a video link. After many attempts, Geoffrey & Ashley had to depart for a meeting with friends and we agreed that we would take this up again tomorrow.
   I gave my son Greg a call to brain-storm with him about the problem. After a few minutes he had put a system together (camera & microphone) on his computer we were able to communicate, but it was fleeing and hit & miss - I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me, or the video didn't work one way or the other. He suggested that I download a videocall software program from '
Skype' and give that a try. He would also do the same. At present we were both using AOL software.
   Once we made the change everything worked very well. We had a great time chatting and SEEING each other (Greg laughed at my new haircut). After a while we terminated the call and I called Shirlee's sister Ellen and asked if they had the set up to make video calls. Turns out that they did happen to have a system on loan while they were babysitting their grandson, and it was a Skype system. We figured out their user name, gave them ours and away we went.
   I had mentioned before about how e-mails from family and friend back home really make our days while we are on the road. This 'video calling' technology is PRECIOUS! We 'visited' for a while, laughing and giggling most of the time, with Wally & Ellen stating that they will have to get their own setup for their computer. That'll be great for us too! It is my mission to find all of our friends and family which are setup for it too!
   Tomorrow starts our second week here in Port Aransas already! Time truely flies when you're having fun!

   This ends Page # 0024 of the log. I am separating our stay here into one week pages of the logbook, so your next page, 24B, can be accessed by pressing on the link below, or at the top of the page.
See ya!
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