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RV Log Page # 0023
Saturday - March 20, 2010
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   Well . . . this is interesting. First, we woke up late - 7:30 - due to being within 300 miles of Pacific time and we just entered Central time. Second, it's SNOWING and blowing outside right now! We are going to eat some breakfast and see how it goes. It is 370 miles to Kerrville, TX which should be alot warmer. We just have to GET there! . . .

   Well . . . we got here. However, let me back up a bit, back to this morning.

   Breakfast was pretty good, considering that it was a KOA breakfast, with great pancakes. Afterwards we returned to the 5th wheel to prepare to leave. As we were trying to bring the slides in we found that there was too much snow on the roofs of the slides and I would have to go up on the main roof to sweep them off. After about 10 minutes of that we got the slides to retract all of the way in. We stowed everything else and headed out.
   The snow had stopped just before we left but the wind was still blowing pretty hard - I'd guess 15 to 20 mph, gusting to 30 maybe. Once we hit the Interstate and we were headed east, the wind was coming from our left. About 1/2 way to Kerrville to road took a turn farther south giving us a little tail wind that helped with our fuel economy, but still made for hands-on driving, which it was for the whole 370 miles.  It was some workout. I was ready for a beer when we arrived - or 2 or 3!
   The manager here says that the weather will be much improved tomorrow - we'll see about that. For now, we are headed out for something to eat and probably an early turn-in! . . .

   Just got back from eating at a Chinese restaurant that was pretty good! On the way back we passed by a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod at that! (
Holy Cross Lutheran Church) I believe we shall attend services with them. Hey - 10:00 AM - now that's civilized!

Sunday - March 21, 2010

   Woke up this morning at 7:30 and it was just getting light! When we were ready we drove into town the attend church at Holy Cross. It was a nice communion service, full of very nice people who were curious as to where we were from. Many seemed disappointed that we were just passing through. Most of the people attending were elderly, which seems to be the case for Missouri Synod churchs, unless they have a contemporary service that caters to the younger crowd.
   We returned to camp for a hearty lunch, and to plan out the rest of our day.
   We decided to drive to
Fredericksburg, TX and see what we had been told was a German community and was the boyhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz of WWII fame. We had a beer at a local Brewhause and Shirlee bought a book about a WWII resistance fighter from Belgium titled 'Agent for the Resistance'. Sounds like I might read it when she is done with it. We would have stayed there longer, but it was pretty windy and I didn't care to stay.
   We returned to camp to relax and get ready for our last night on the 'road' for a while. Just think . . . to stay in one spot for an extended stay. What a novel concept!