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RV Log Page # 0021
Wednesday - March 17, 2010
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   Woke up this morning to a windy day, and of course, right out of the east! There were times on our drive that the winds kept us from exceeding 45 MPH! After about 50 or so miles the wind died down, and then we started making good time. We arrived in Las Cruces at about 3:30 PM, local time, after running our watches ahead into Mountain Time.
   We met a couple - Mike & Joan - from
Buffalo, NY at the KOA and chatted with them, between our two 5th wheels, for a while. Real nice folks. They are headed for Apache Junction next and had come from Kerrville - the reverse of what we are doing.
   We tried to find a local Irish Pub, which we eventually did, in order to help celebrate
Saint Patty's Day, but when we arrived there was a huge line coming out the door. We did find a place to eat down the road from there, but no celebrating going on.
   Shirlee's planning on a walk tomorrow and guess what? I left my walking stick - which I named 'Stuporstition Stick' - back at Joe & Dee's place in Oro Valley. I am telling myself that I CAN walk without a stick. We'll see.  
Thursday - March 18, 2010
   We begin the 4th week of our Odyssey today. Thus far we have spent over 35 hours driving and we have traveled over 2,120 miles. We will be visiting the Las Cruces area today, with a departure tomorrow morning to head farther east.
   Mike and Joan left this morning and we wished them well on their journey.
   Shirlee and I drove up into the mountains to visit
Dripping Springs Nature Area Trail. The ranger-in-charge stated that it was a 1/2 mile up and back. Hey, I can do that! It was a very nice day, sunny and just warm enough. So, at about 1/2 mile up the trail - which was loose gravel and just slightly treacherous - a sign appears showing that it was 1 mile farther to the spring. I said I was going back to the truck and Shirlee went on ahead.
   When she returned to the truck, she said that the spring was dry and not much to see.
   On the way back we drove to
La Mesilla, which is an old Mexican town just south of where we were camped. Don't get me wrong, this town is NOT in Mexico. It was full of shops and restaurants, one of which - the Double Eagle - we chose to try. What a good choice! The food was terrific, the service superb and the prices good. I found a shop that sold hiking sticks and I bought one - $16.95 - not bad. I'll name this one 'Las Cruces Crutch'.

   Shirlee says, "The Double Eagle restaurant was a real find - with authentic Spanish furnishings, bordello paintings, a plaza/patio straight out of a movie set and the best margarita's east of the continental divide! It is our first visit to New Mexico and proving to be a very interesting place to visit. Locals tell us the weather here is almost perfect year around, with highs (dry heat) in the 90's for two months in the summer but otherwise in the 70's. I think the scorpions, rattlesnakes and other creepy, crawly critters like the weather in New Mexico, too."

   On the way 'home', we stopped at Walmart for supplies. Once we got back I left again to get a hair cut, some kitty litter at a local PetSmart and fuel up, with a car wash. I got my monies worth on my hair cut! Shirlee says I look like a military general. It's not quite a 'buzz-cut', but close enough! Hey . . . it's cooler and easier to manage!
   Tomorrow morning we drive to
Van Horn, TX for a one night stay. It is less than 200 miles, so it should be an easy drive.