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RV Log Page # 0020
Sunday - March 14, 2010
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   We got a leisurely start today as there was no real rush. The drive to Tucson was only 2 or 3 hours and we couldn't check in before 1 PM.
   The drive down was uneventful and we arrived at a little after 1. This is a real nice RV Resort - however, there is no wifi to the spaces, only at a wifi room - closed today - or at a cafe, that was crowded. Anyway, it might be a bit until I get this page posted.

   Shirlee Says, "Bob installed the 5 ft pen for the cats after we "landed" the rig in the
Tucson Voyager RV Park. Immediately we had sight seeing visits from other campers who stayed to talk, ask questions about Mozie and Georgy and take pictures.

   This park has oodles of amenities but the narrow gravel sites are a turn off, however, if your looking to swim, play pickle ball or join in dozens of craft activities this is a swell place. Most of the other "campers" have been here several months and some are full-time residents."

   We met up with Dee & Joe Jessop today. Dee worked with Shirlee some time ago at
iQ Credit Union - then Clark County School Employee's CU. They took us out to dinner at a favorite local Mexican place. The wait was over an hour, but well worth it. They are a very nice couple. Joe is retired from B.P.A. and is great to talk with!
   Shirlee and I are planning on a trip tomorrow to
Tombstone, AZ from here. It is not very far away.
   So . . . with full bellies, - at least mine is! - it is time for a little reading and then to bed.
Monday - March 15, 2010
   Shirlee says,"In Tombstone on Monday, it was a beautiful sunny day and we forgot that it was also the start of Spring Break. By noon, Tombstone was swarming with dozens of little cowboys and girls. It was a interesting town however, with actors playing town folks and gun slingers walking through town just like regular folks and plenty of shops and attractions related to all the Earp brothers activities - the Kurt Russell movie 'Tombstone' is prominently featured everywhere."

   Yeah, Tombstone, AZ is an interesting place alright. There is a lot of history here, but also alot of cheap reproductions like you kinda expect to see where ever you go these days. Some of the local merchants were very helpful. One in particular was the proprietor of the
Oriental Saloon who was born and raised in the area, and though not a professional historian, he knew very much about the era of the Earp's and the silver strikes in Tombstone.
   We had a very good lunch and did a little more shopping, then we headed 'home' to plan our day tomorrow. On the way, just out of Tombstone, we passed through a
U.S. Border Patrol station that was busy checking for illegal aliens and such, which reminded me of the show on the National Geographic Channel That dealt with that very issue.
Tuesday - March 16, 2010
   It's a little windy this morning so one of our planned excursions is probably nixed. We were thinking of a tram ride up a canyon to a mountain and then hiking back. We decided instead to meet up with Dee & Joe again in Oro Valley and go for a hike with them on one of their favorite trails. It was up a 'dry wash' (still had a stream running through it - sloshy walking) for a ways until we came to the remains of an old dam. The was filled with huge Saguaro cactus, all in various stages of development with some posing in humorous stances, and we also observed some petroglyphs along the stream walls.
   We spent the rest of the day with Dee & Joe, teaching each other card games and such, until it was time for us to return to our camp site.
   Tomorrow we head for
Las Cruces, NM, where we will spend two nights.