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RV Log Page # 0019
Thursday - March 11, 2010
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   FINALLY !!! We awoke to clear skies and sunshine, However, the little water puddles around our trailer were frozen over. It WAS cold! Hey . . . we're off to Mesa and, hopefully, warmer weather.
   We arrived in the vicinity of
Phoenix, AZ at around 12:00 PM and it was NICE! We went to a local WalMart to pick up a mattress accessory to improve our bed, and a new coffee maker to replace the one that went t__'s up on us!
   That done we proceeded on to the RV park to check in, warm up, and wind down. The sun feels SO good!
   I hate to sound like I'm beating a dead horse, but, hey . . . two weeks plus a day on the road and FINALLY we get weather that we can sit out in our lawn chairs and enjoy liquid refreshment!
   The boys are seeming to like this climate also. We are inventoring the things to do around here. Seeing a
Mariners game sounds like fun, but it's a hour away. We'll see.   
Friday - March 12, 2010
   Wow! Sunshine . . . two days in a row! This really is nice. It is beautiful here.
   We got on the internet to check out ticket availability for the Mariners and we were shocked at the prices. These were from organizations that buy lumps of tickets and try to resell them. Isn't that scalping, I asked one of the places I called. 'Oh no', I was told. We decided to drive to the stadium and take a chance that it wasn't sold out. It worked. We got our tickets at a great price!
   We got to our seats in the
Peoria Stadium about 40 minutes before the game started. The Mariners were to play the Kansas City Royals. The teams were at their 40 man roster stage, so there was to be alot of subbing during their spring training games., until they reach their 25 man roster level. The only 'Mariners' I recognized were Ichiro and Ken Griffey, Jr. It was still fun to watch, tho'. We decided to leave at the end of the 8th inning to try to beat the traffic. All of the people we wanted to see were gone by then. The Mariners and Royals were tied 6 all.
   The only drawback to going to the game was that it was a 60 mile trip there and then back, in Phoenix traffic. Oh well, it wasn't like we were going to do that every day. It was alot of fun!
   This metropolitan area is simply HUGE! One thinks going through Seattle/Tacoma is something. It's nothing compared to this area!
   Shirlee spotted a '
Waffle House' sign during our travels today that was just one exit away! Guess where breakfast is tomorrow?!        
Saturday - March 13, 2010
   After a hearty breakfast at Waffle House (on another gorgious day!) we headed out to find a trail to hike on. Yes . . . I said we. We found the 'Lost Dutchman State Park' that had a variety of trails on the side of the Superstition Mountain; what a gorgeous area it is. We did one short loop, vowing to come back later in the day after our 5th wheel was washed.  We did just that too, taking trail # 56 up and around 'The Green Boulder' - see map. I asked the park ranger if there was any worry about snakes and he said that  they needed a couple of 80 degree days in a row before they would come out. We started up the trail and came upon two gals taking photos of something on the side of the   trail.     As we got closer,    guess what?!    A 4 to 5 foot Desert Rattlesnake, all coiled up and waiting for someone careless enough to get too close. We continued on up the trail, by now keeping an eye peeled for more snakes. Turned out that that was the only one we saw. Shirlee had packed a couple of sandwiches and candy bars which were devoured when we reached the high point of the trail. Sure was a beautiful view from up there. We returned to our camp and headed for the hot tub to soak our feet, and reflect on a beautiful day.
    The 'boys' still draw crowds so we meet all kinds of people.
    Tomorrow, Tucson!