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RV Log Page # 0018
Sunday - March 7, 2010
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   We left Las Vegas in route to Sedona, AZ at 7:50 AM, ten minutes ahead of our 8 AM scheduled departure. I decided to try to follow US 93 over Hoover Dam, although I have been hearing that there were restrictions. US 93 would save us 70 miles over following US 95, that goes through Needles, CA. Worse luck, we'd get there and we would have to turn around and use US 95 anyway.
   After seeing many signs stating "NO TRUCK OR BUSES", we arrived at Hoover Dam only to be searched for explosives and such - Counter - Terrorist stuff. It took 5 minutes.

     (Please forgive if the photos in the links don't appear-been having      trouble with them)

   Above are photos at Hoover Dam, the lower one showing the progress on the new bridge.

   We met up with I-40 at
Kingman, AZ and headed east, parralleling the old Route 66. Again, it seems that all we do is travel uphill! The truck is almost constantly gearing down on stretches that 'look' level! However, as we pass signs that show we are gaining in altitude we can be assured that we ARE going uphill. The highest yet at 7,500 feet! And . . . it is raining, with occasional wet snow hitting the windshield.
   After traveling about 50 miles, and about 70 miles to
Flagstaff, AZ we were getting JUST snow! We could see where it was sticking on the bushes along the side of the road, but the road was just wet. That all started to change within minutes.

   We intersected I-17 and proceeded south. It was truely like a blizzard! We took an exit that our GPS - Gabby - said had fuel. We could barely make out the exit sign, much less the services available sigh! Anyway, there was a station right at the end of the exit ramp. We almost had to go into 4X4 just to get into the station.
   After fueling up - and almost leaving with Shirlee in the trailer! - I pulled over at the exit of the station and parked out of the way to engage the hubs on the front axles. It was close to 'white-out' conditions. We called the Rancho-Sedona RV Park to check on their weather and ascertain whether we should pull over somewhere local to wait out the storm or what! The RV park stated that they were only getting some rain. We knew that they were at about 4,200 feet, which was quite a bit lower than where we were, so we decided to travel on, very carefully.
   The road was covered in snow, packing as more and more snow fell. We were passing quite a few cars and pickups which had slid off the road into the median and the side of the road. After going a few more miles traffic came to an abrupt halt. After about 1/2 an hour we could see flashing lights up ahead.

   One of the cars was really crunched up! Front and back!
   A few miles more and we came upon a warning of a 6% downgrade ahead. Good news! That meant that we would be getting out of the colder air and down to the rain of Sedona!
   We did survive and make it to The RV park, going through the artsy community of Sedona. It is cool here, but we are anticipating things to warm up.
Monday - March 8, 2010
NOTE: Sometimes there is a problem with photos that I try to upload. Eventually, they will get there.
   Weather is crumby with rain and mixed snow, with temps in the 40's. We seem to be dragging this stuff along with us.
   We spent some time out shopping at curio shops and the like. We found an oriental restaurant that had GREAT fried rice - lucky me! Well, Shirlee likes it for breakfast too.
   That's about it for today. As cold as it has been we'll have to keep a close eye on the propane!
Tuesday - March 9, 2010
   Different day - same (or even worse) weather. Shirlee wanted to visit Jerome, AZ today, a place she had visited a few years ago while in the area on business. Sounded good to me, as I was looking for stickers and such to stick on the back of the 5th wheel. Just as we pulled into Jerome, which is situated kinda on the side of a cliff in spots, it started snowing heavily with a hard wind. We ducked into a couple of stores to wait it out. I asked one shop keeper about finding stickers, especially relating to U.S. Route 66. She said that such items were specific to within a one mile area of the real Route 66 (?) as those things were proprietary! Really? She did refer me to a shop a couple of block down the street and wished me luck. Shirlee stayed behind to do her thing.
   I found the store, and upon entering, I saw some Route 66 signs hanging on the walls, for sale. I bought one for about $15.00 and I am very happy with it. It looks like a real Highway sign showing 'Arizona - U.S. 66'   on a metal shield. Looks Great! Shirlee found a basket in town to put cat toys in, and also some other things she was looking for.
   We stopped in old Sedona to have something to eat and drink. While there, we talked to a couple from Spokane, WA, who said that they visited this area often. We then returned to the RV park and checked in with the park manager about the availability of Propane. She said that they had a guy that delivered on Wednesdays at between 8:30 and 10:00 AM. You had to hang a sign in your window and leave a blank check at the office. We'll see . . .         
Wednesday - March 10, 2010
   We wanted to go to Flagstaff this morning to visit one of the 'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives' that was on our list, and also to Museum of Northern Arizona to catch a featured art exhibit of 'Gunnar Widforss Painter of the American West' that was in town. We decided to just wait for the propane guy and then head out. Well, 10 AM came and went so I decided to go get one of the tanks filled in town. That would be more than enough to last us into Mesa, where we are heading tomorrow.
   'That' taken care of we drove up to Flagstaff. As we gained altitude the snow started falling, but not near as bad as Sunday. We found the restaurant called '
Salsa Bravo'. Everything was VERY good - the drinks, the food, the service - everything. Our server placed a cookbook on our table to peruse while waiting for our order that was the restaurant's cookbook! Wow . . . some GREAT recipes! Turns out, they offer it for sale. Now how 'bout dat! We asked our server to take our picture by their sign, which he did. Great place!

   We then headed for the museum. It is a nice place, with their exhibits well positioned and very interesting. Lot's of local Indian art and, of course, jewelry, plus alot of natural history, especially geological history. We thoroughly enjoyed the art of Widforss, then we kinda split up - Shirlee to the jewelry and me to the natural history exhibits. That's not entirely true as we both 'looked' at jewelry and natural history - we just spent more individual time at different places,  ya see!
   Finishing up, we headed back south to the RV park. It was snowing as we left the museum and within minutes it was snowing pretty hard. After a few minutes it all but stopped, with minor flurries as we progressed south on I-17. By the time we exited we were almost 4,000 feet lower and drier. Still tho', it was raining a little when we got 'home'.
   We checked out the weather for Mesa for the next few days and found that it is supposed to be in the high 60's and into the 70's while we are there. WE ARE READY FOR IT! Shirlee just got back from a walk as the snow, again!, started falling!

                                                (Thanx Ellen!)
Hello Muddah,
hello Faddah,

Here I am at
Camp Granada.
Camp is very
And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining.
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Shirlee at the bar in Salsa Bravo