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RV Log Page # 0017
Friday - March 5, 2010
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   Up and at 'em! Time to break camp and head for 'Vegas! And while we're traveling, we need to finalize our destination changes by making necessary reservations.
   We left right on schedule at 8 AM and made pretty good time to
Las Vegas, arriving at about 3:30 PM, stopping for potty breaks and fuel. The truck is running like a dream - should be, huh? We got all checked in at the Circus-Circus KOA and right away met some people from B.C. that saw the 'boys', and wanted to talk cats. Hey, we're always game for that. Afterwards we went to the C.C. and had a great meal - all you can eat Prime Rib dinner - $12.95! And . . . it was really good! We then walked around C.C. a bit. Shirlee got a 30 minute Oriental foot rub. Judging from her - mostly - smiles, the guy knew what he was doing.
   Having now returned to the 5th wheel, we are just settling in and getting ready for bed . . . at least I am! Tomorrow Shirlee wants to walk to
Bellagio's for some gelato. Sounds good to me!
Saturday - March 6, 2010
   Sunny day, although still coolish. We leave tomorrow. No money lost gambling here in Vegas!  In the daylight this is really a "seedy" place and not a favorite place. (Shirlee) Me either! (Bob)