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RV Log Page # 0015
Monday - March 1, 2010
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   On the road again . . .

We left Brookings for Cloverdale, CA , a trip of about 300 miles, Aside from the road being up and down (hilly) and, at times, pretty narrow, we made it after about  6 hours driving. The road flattened out about 50 miles north of here, and promises to stay pretty much that way farther south! It was another day of very poor fuel economy.
   We stopped for breakfast in Orick, CA . The food was great and reasonably priced. We passed through 'Trees of Mystery', Redwood National Park and all of the 'other' attractions without stopping. We were on an agenda to get to Cloverdale at a decent hour.
   Anyway, we are here. This place is really isolated - about 7 - 8 miles back in the boonies. Real quiet here tho' - no hotrods to worry about tonight.
   Tomorrow we are going 'wine-tasting'. The KOA operators gave us a map of their favorites, including
Francis Ford Coppala's vineyard! We'll have to see how well I can spell by then!
Tuesday - March 2, 2010
   Man, does it like to rain here! The noise of it on the roof woke me up a 5 AM. And I was planning to sleep in ... oh well.
   Shirlee made a great breakfast today that was really appreciated. Once I got all of the dishes cleaned up, we took off to find some wineries and start some 'power-tasting!'
   We first stopped at the Ferrari-Carano Winery and looked around, plus we looked at their garden. Pretty nice! Nothing special with the wines though.
   Next we went to
Raymond Burr's Vineyard. We had a very pleasant  talk with their head guy who is from Portugal. Their wine club is offering a 'wine cruise' on a boat through Portugal and Spain. Sounds cool, but, at $2,800 a head ... well, we'll do something else. 
   The picture on the left is of the front of their tasting room. There are road signs (you can just make two green ones out). One is 'Della Street' and the other is 'Perry Mason Court'. Shirlee tasted and I got this coaster (picture to the right).

   From there we proceded down US 101 for a couple of miles to visit the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. I was under major renovation, but open for business. Now THEY had some pretty good (to me) Pinot's. Shirlee also found some great wine for Geoffrey's upcoming wedding reception in July.
   We then drove a few miles futher south into Heraldsburg, CA, where Shirlee had visited before. Lots of nice shops in their downtown area around a central plaza. We had a nice lunch at a deli, and after a walk around the plaza we headed back tho the KOA.
   It's been a nice stay here, but it IS quite a ways from anything, and a trecherous road in and out to boot! If we should ever come back this way we'll look at something else.
   We will be up and out of here before 8 AM, or so, so ... time for bed.

                                    Next stop ...
Vasalia, CA., KOA.