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RV Log Page # 0014
Friday - February 26, 2010
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   Well, here I (Bob) am, up a 5:30 AM. Still raining. Fed the boys and made me some tea, looking forward to Day #2 of our journey. I then turned the coffee on for Shirlee when she got up (my job). It was about then that I remembered that I had NOT plugged the truck's block heater in before retiring last night and it was plenty cool enough for there to be a problem starting it this morning. So I braved the rain and went outside to plug 'er in. We were going to go get some breakfast so that would give it a couple of hours to warm it up.
   When we returned from breakfast I tried starting the truck, but to no avail. This HAS to be fixable, but the guy I talked to at Ford in Camas didn't have any info for me. Anyway, I waited another half hour and the truck started - reluctantly!
   We unhooked the power and water and left the park, heading for the RV dealer to give them a copy of the bill for the repairs done yesterday.
We wound up calling the tire place and requesting that they hold the damaged wheels for the dealer, as Forest River would want to look at them.
   All that done we headed south on US 101 for
Brookings, OR, our next scheduled stop where we were to stay for three nights.
   The rain continued as we headed south. The road was hilly and winding. This was going to kill any possibility of getting decent mileage on this leg. What made matters worse was that the closer we got to Brookings, the harder the wind was blowing. We were getting the wind right on our nose and, I am certain, it was gusting over 40 mph with a driving rain! The buffetting was getting pretty bad and I slowed to no more than 45 mph to keep control. Of course, what with the hills, that wasn't too difficult to do!
   We finally arrived in Brookings at 2:45 PM and headed for the
Port of Brookings Harbor RV Park . After checking in and proceeding to our spot I got drenched hooking up our facilities.
   As I write this (at about 8 PM) the weather is still howling. The 5th wheel is almost constantly rocking due to the wind. At least I did remember to plug the truck in tonight! That will have to be done until we get to someplace where the temperature is in the mid-60's or above.
   Hopefully the weather will improve. The local RV Park Wifi is down due to the wind & rain, so we feel 'cut off' from the rest of the world.
   It is now about 10:00 PM and time for bed. Hey! The wind has stopped! I opened the door and ... no rain! Wow ... what a change. The sky had cleared and you could see the stars. We're ready for some nice weather!
Saturday - February 27, 2010
   We woke up today to a beautiful day - sunshine and little wind. The temperature probably didn't exceed 60 degrees, but it's still very nice. AND ... no driving today! What can possibly go wrong now?
   We got in the truck to get something to eat in town and also get a few things we thought we needed.
   When we returned to the RV Park they had all of the entrances blocked off. Now what!??! We got to the end of the park where there was a person manning the barricades and we asked what was going on. That's when we found out about the huge earthquake in Chile and the feared resultant tsunami that was anticipated to hit our area at about 1:30 PM. They were not allowing unauthorized vehicles into the park. We told the 'guard' that we were staying at the park and he let us in. I went to the office to ask what was known. I was told that they had no idea as to what might occur locally but that, if needed, the sirens would sound 1/2 hour before a wave might hit. I went back to our camp site and we talked it over. I figured that I would keep an eye and ear tuned into the major news stations to see what was happening to the coast of California, south of us.
   As some time went by the news was concentrating on Hawaii and what might happen there. Any wave was expected to hit Hilo, on the 'big island', about 1/2 hour before it was expected to hit here in Brookings.
   After observing that no dangerous waves were going to hit there we relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day.
   Our space in the park is right next to a little cafe/laundramat. We had our dinner there. We both ordered cheeseburgers - mine a 'quarter pounder'. I swear that there was a pound of hamburger on that plate. I could not pick it up, it was so big. But, it was delicious! AND filling! The one Shirlee had was closer to being a 'quarter pounder' and she brought half of it back to the 5th wheel!
   We are having problems sending out e-mails - apparently. We are getting them, but our replies don't seem to go anywhere. Not sure what the reason might be.
   Anyway, all in all, it was a great day!
Sunday - February 28, 2010
   Here it is ... day #4 already! Another day to relax and see what sights might exist around here ... without setting out on an expedition to find them! Tthis RV Park has at least one problem ... that the beach access road in front of our 5th wheel is open to the public. The 5 mph speed limit ... HA! Some of these idiots are doing at least 30 mph through here with their 'hotrods'! So, next time we come here we will try another RV park just up the road from here that doesn't have a public highway through it.
   It has been a pretty restful day today.
Found a decent Chinese eatery just up the road where we ate today. Also, we watched the Olympics.
   Today we both caught up on some reading. What with no calamities going on, we were close to being bored ... not really. We're having fun!
   Tommorrow we leave for Cloverdale, CA and some wines!