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RV Log Page # 0012
Saturday, February 13, 2010

   Here we are with less than two weeks to go before our departure on our 3-month trip on the road. We are on schedule with chores and projects that we have planned, preparing our rigs and ourselves (cats too!) for the adventure.
   We have had new tires installed on the truck. I installed a
stabilizer system to eliminate the rocking motion in the 5th wheel when it is parked. I installed a cabinet into an unoccupied space under the entertainment center, alongside an entry cat-door to a litter-box that is now in the 'basement' of the 5th wheel. The cat cage system is all finished with new outdoor carpet.
I have been getting the satellite dish prepped. We aren't going to bother with the 'HD' aspect. We still have a 'regular' DirecTV DVR receiver that we will be using. It is easier to aim and the reception will look great on our 32" flat screen.
   Sometime next week I will take the trailer to a local Les Schwab Tire Center to have the trailer wheel bearings checked out. In all probability the bearings are the 'sealed' type, requiring no maintenance.
   The following is our schedule for the trip. We are flexible at the start and at the end of the trip for changes. At the start we have planned for an earlier departure for weather considerations, planning on a stop in Florence, OR enroute to
Brookings, OR. At the end of the trip we may decide to attend a StarBQ in  Reno, NV in the first week of June. Who knows ... we just might be tired of traveling by then and we will just want to get home!

   And, yes ... we do realize some of the travel distances are quite long - over  8 hours driving. We will be deciding on the wisdom of that as we go along! However, most of the reservations are made! Wish us luck!

Home to Florence, OR                      194 miles                          February 25th

Florence, OR to Brookings, OR             156 miles                     February 26th

Brookings, OR to Cloverdale, CA             296 miles                         March 1st

Cloverdale, CA to Fresno (Visalia), CA        316 miles                    March 3rd

Fresno (Visalia), CA to Las Vegas, NV          366 miles                   March 5th

Las Vegas, NV to Rancho Sedona, Sedona, AZ     277 miles         March 7th

Rancho Sedona, Sedona, AZ to Santa Fe, NM       411 miles        March 12th

Santa Fe, NM to Carlsbad, NM                268 miles                         March 19th

Carlsbad, NM to Kerrville (San Antonio), TX       391 miles           March 21st

Kerrville (San Antonio), TX to Port Aransas, TX    244 miles       March 22nd

Port Aransas, TX to Galveston, TX           250 miles                         April 20th

Galveston, TX to New Orleans, LA            370 miles                        April 21st

New Orleans, LA to Milton or Pensacola, FL        200 miles           April 23rd
(Playa del Rio, Pensacola Listed)

Pensacola, FL (Playa del Rio, Pensacola Listed)     293 miles       April 27th
To Vicksburg, MS

Vicksburg, MS to Ft. Smith, AR               376 miles                          April 28th

Ft. Smith, AR to St. Louis, MO (Granite City, IL)    423 miles          April 30th

St. Louis, MO (Granite City, IL)                    366 miles                        May 2nd
to South Bend, IN (Granger, IN)     

South Bend, IN (Granger, IN)                           116 miles                     May 3rd
to  Grand Rapids, MI (Allendale, MI)  

Grand Rapids, MI (Allendale, MI)                       177 miles                   May 7th
to Traverse City (Lake Leelanau), MI

Traverse City (Lake Leelanau), MI                   181 miles                  May 12th
to Sault Ste. Marie, ON             

Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Thunder Bay, ON            439 miles              May 13th

Thunder Bay, ON to Winnipeg, MB                  440 miles                  May 15th

Winnipeg, MB to Indian Head, SK                   314 miles                    May 17th

Indian Head, SK to Medora, ND                       310 miles                   May 18th

Medora, ND to Custer (Spearfish), SD              204 miles                 May 19th

Custer (Spearfish), SD to Cheyenne, WY            301 miles             May 22nd

Cheyenne, WY                                                       232 miles              May 23rd
to Glenwood Springs (Gypsum), CO                     

Glenwood Springs (Gypsum), CO                       444 miles               May 26th
to  Tropic (Cannonville), UT     

Tropic (Cannonville), UT to Ely, NV                    258 miles               May 28th

Ely, NV to Fruitland, ID                                 433 miles                       May 29th

Fruitland, ID to Camas, WA                        364 miles                          June 1st

                                                TOTAL MILES: 9428

   As previously stated, the end of the trip may change by adding the leg to Reno, NV. We'll just have to wait and see! And, of course, provided we don't have any delays!

Below is a photo of our 5th wheel parked in front of our house in Camas, WA. almost ready and eager to go!
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