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RV Log Page # 0010
Wednesday September 23, 2009

   What a wonderful night's sleep! With the anticipation, I didn't think that I would be able to sleep at all. Shirlee expressed the same felling.
   Our plan for the day was to load everything up and return to the RV store. They were scheduled closed for the day but someone was to be there to let us in so that we could start the transfer of all of our belonging to the 5th wheel. We were scheduled to depart Winchester Bay today anyway so we were able to make reservations at the
Port of Siuslaw Marina and RV Park for the next two days, long enough to get everything done and to spend at least one night in the 5th wheel.
   We worked most of the day on the RV's. They still had some prep work yet to do on the 5th wheel, and we had most of our work done, so we loaded the bike in the 5th wheel, unhooked the trailer - it was going to be left at the RV store on consignment - and drove to the RV park and checked in.

Thursday September 24, 2009

   Today we are to finish up the transfer of our belongings and sign the papers to conclude the purchase/trade/consignment. We've been fortunate that the weather has cooperated with us. This would NOT have been fun in the rain!
   When we finally finished everything else was done and we were just about ready to roll. Rich had also thrown in a
5th wheel hitch (including installation!) so we went through the proceedures for attaching the two vehicles together. I had driven semi's for the Phone Co. for over 10 years so I wasn't apprehended as much as a 'new guy' might have been. It was a very similiar setup.  We thanked Rich and his wife (who also worked there) and proceeded to head for the park, a trip of about 3 miles.
   Pulling the 5th wheel was a much nicer ride than the trailer and the camper. We were soon at the park and backing the trailer in was a snap. Unhooking was a breeze. We got all of the utilities connected and we were done. We opened the two slide outs and wow, that's alot of room! We were already getting ideas on personalizing the interior with trinkets and other things needed that we now had the room for. Wow ... what alot of room !!!

Friday September 25, 2009

   After breakfast we broke camp (what an easy chore now!) and headed home. The trip was uneventful. The rig 'sailed' down I-5 with no issues at all. Upon our arrival at home we parked the trailer in front of our house. I took some measurements of the 5th wheel and of the demensions of our back yard. According to my measurements, the 5th wheel 'should' fit. We'll have to see about that.
   Well ... we have our 'rig'. Now we start planning for the big trip!

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