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RV Log Page # 0007
Monday July 27, 2009

We broke camp and headed north out of the St. Mary KOA toward Canada. After a pleasant stop at the border where we had a 'fun' conversation with the Canadian Border Patrol Officer, we preceeded on north and west on a route that would take us on around the north end of Glacier Park (called Waterton Lakes Natl. Park in Canada), and south back into Montana and to Kalispell, MT. It was a beautiful drive, from the flat country in the east back into the Canadian Rockies toward the west.
   Once we arrived in Kalispell we unhooked the trailer and headed to
Flathead Lake, a few miles to the south. What a pretty area! We stopped and ate and marveled at all of the cherry orchards. Seems that that's about all they grow there.
   We returned to the motel (Yep! We took a break from the trailer) and had a great meal at an Italian Restraunt that was part of the motel. We returned to our room for a good night's sleep as we had made arrangements to go white-water rafting the next day back at Glacier Natl. Park.

Tuesday July 28, 2009

   Got up early and headed back to the west entrance of Glacier to meet up with the people at
Glacier Raft Company who were to be the providers of our entertainment for the day. We met up with our guide for our raft (there were to be four rafts on the half day trip w/dinner) and the other people who were joining us on our raft. They loaded us into old school busses for the twenty or so mile trip to the drop off point on the river.
   After the rafts were positioned on the riverbank, we all loaded up in our respective rafts and off we went. Mind you now, this ain't the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. And ... it is late summer and the water isn't as high as it would be in, say, April or May. But, hey, we had fun and we had a great meal at the end of the float, cooked by our guides!
   After getting photos ordered back at their HQ, we headed back to our motel for a couple of beers at the Italian place, and then off to bed.

Wednesday July 29, 2009

   Hooked the trailer back up this morning in preparation for our departure for
Grand Coulee Dam, WA. Again, it was a gorgeous day for a drive through beautiful country. We headed west-by-north on highway US 2 that took us through Libby, MT., the on into Bonners Ferry, ID. It was our plan to stop for lunch in Sandpoint, ID as that was where we had taken a train to ride a few years earlier to go skiing at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Sandpoint is a pretty place, a real western town. We had our planned lunch and returned to our travels west.
   We drove on into Spokane, WA, still on US 2. Here the country flattens out a bit, but it has its own beauty.
We intersected Washington State Road 174 that took us on into Grand Coulee City and the dam. Its a pretty big dam, but it doesn't look as impressive as say The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River ... at least to me. Oh well...
   We drove around the town after touring the dam (again, not too much!) and hit upon a shop that had local Indian art. We saw a piece there that was a 'white on black' painting about fishing lore that was beautiful. It was done by an artist that we had met on the 'dam' tour, who had manned an exhibit telling of the effects of the filling of the reservoir behind the dam that displaced so many people and causing the end of a large part of their culture ... the end of the salmon runs. It was a moving story ... which led us to the shop with the painting.
   We returned to our motel (yep, another cushy bed) for something to eat and drink, and after a while we bedded down for the night.
   One more day on the road for this trip!

Thursday JULY 30, 2009

   Awoke with the sun and went to the little 7/11 nearby for some breakfast burridos and a couple of things to snack on during our drive.   We drove along, following the Columbia River here and there. At one place where we had left the river behind we came upon a landscape that was a series of large dry waterfalls and riverbeds. This was the evidence of the great flooding that occur thousands of years ago when the
Glacial Lake Missoula broke through the ice-dam glacier that held it back. It was an incredible vista, and according to the reading I've done, it covers most of south eastern Washington!
   Soon, we were back on our way, hurrying to get home. It had been such a great trip, but we were anxious to see our boys, Mo & George.
We traveled on through Yakima and down US 97 to where we picked up State Route 14 west. About three hours later we arrived home. Thankfully I had some cold beer in the fridge.
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