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Saturday July 18, 2009
  We are here in Clarkston, OR at the Motel 6 after a rather uneventful and VERY HOT ride. It was decided to stick to freeways as much as possible today in order to get here in good time, as this was to be one of the longest travel days ... at least with the club. After StarDays 2009 is over, Shirlee & I will depart from the group, who will be heading home, as we are going on up and visit Glacier National Park. Neither of us had been there before and we were anxious to see all that the Park had to offer.
   Shirlee drove the 4 Runner towing the trailer today while I rode our motorcycle with the group. She did an outstanding job of driving. Kudo's to you Shirl!
   Tommorrow morning I'll load the bike up in the trailer and drive. US 12 is a bit twisty and narrow in places, plus it'll give Shirlee a break, and give my butt a rest.
   Hey, it's time for another beer and maybe another dip in the pool before supper. Then ... BED! Another early day tommorrow as we take off for
Great Falls, MT.
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