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Sunday, June 14, 2009 through Friday July 17, 2009
   Well, it's been a grueling 3 1/2 weeks, but we're ready to go - for the most part. The temperatures have been in the 90's quite a bit, making it slow going sometimes.
   There are a couple of items that will be dealt with on the trip, once we get to Billings. Some things will need to be adjusted and fitted once we are there - like measuring off the distance that our patio umbrella needs to be from the trailer so that it attaches properly. The umbrella was Shirlee's idea, and a GREAT one! I was pricing RV awnings for pop up campers (small awnings) and they were still over $250.00. Shirlee saw an ad at a local store that had patio awnings on sale for around $110.00. I was trying to picture how a round umbrella was going to help. Shilee said that the umbrella was square and about 7' across. Wow ... that should be able to fit nicely!
   We purchased the umbrella and brought it home. It included a bladder that fit inside a rickety plastic round base. Once the bladder was filled with water it would easily support the umbrella in anything but a gale. Moving the base around was a hurdle to cross. I decided to 'sandwich' the base in some 3/4' plywood I had and connect the two pieces with some 2" X 6" stock. Strengthened the base up big time! I got some bicycle tires and fitted them around the bottom edge of the base so that when I needed to move it I could put the umbrella pole out of the base, tip the base up on it's side, and roll it wherever I wanted it.
   The windows that were ordered finally got here 3 days ago. One was installed above our drop-down table, and the other went in the front door. Looks good, and added some natural light to the interior.
   Anyway ... the trailer is all packed up and ready to be hitched up to the 4 Runner 1st thing in the morning. It is now about 5:30 PM and it has been a steady job up until now. I need a break!
   We are to meet the members of
Star Chapter 407, Vancouver, WA at 7:00 AM tommorrow with kickstands up at 7:30 AM enroute to Clarkston, OR where we will spend our 1st night on the road, so I'd better get cleaned up and fed and get to bed at a decent hour so as to get a good night's sleep.
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