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Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 6:00 PM

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Today we purchased an 18' Interstate cargo trailer with the intent to convert it into a 'Toy Hauler'.
    We had just returned (that day!) from a trip to Northeastern Oregon to witness the annual
Hell's Canyon Ride. The weather had been forecast to be wet & it was. Luckily, we had decided to take our new Jeep which had been purchased to be a 'dinghy' for our motorhome.
    During our trip we, again, discussed what would best suit us for our travels during our retirement. We came to the conclusion that spending $100,000 + for a motorhome would put a considerable dent in our savings, thus limiting our being able to travel as much as we might want. So ... we thought of ways to scale down. We knew that our motorcycle was definately going to continue being in our future, so we started thinking along those lines.
   We had seen 'Toy Haulers' on the road, and I had done a small amount of research on them as they seemed a viable option even being towed by a motorhome. We found a dealer in Lagrande, OR that dealt with a line called '
Hard Core'. It was exactly what we both wanted. However, it was priced at $18,000 ... plus the cost of a proper hitch with an equalizer system and anti-sway bar. We planned on towing with our 2006 Toyota 4 Runner that has a V-8 engine.
   When we returned home after talking about the concept of building our own Toy Hauler from a bare cargo trailer the whole trip back, I immediately started looking for local trailer dealers in the area. The nicest looking trailers we found were made by Interstate and they had a dealer in Portland (actually Milwaukee). I called the dealer at 3:00 PM and found that they closed at 5:00 PM, and would not be open the next day - Sunday. We said that we'd be right over.
   When we arrived, there sat the trailer that had been advertised on the web-site. It was really beautiful! It was black with bright aluminum panels and also some panels of silver diamond plate. It also had alloy wheels, which really set it off. We looked it over for a few minutes, looked at each other, and said ... SOLD!
   So ... now we see how we can approximate some of the ideas that we gleaned from looking at the other toyhaulers. And, we can't waste much time. It is our intention to take our new trailer with us to Billings, MT for the StarDays rally. We will be leaving on the 18th of July. That gives us a little over 3 weeks to get her done!
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