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About Us
About Us
    Hi! We are Bob & Shirlee of Camas, Washington. We met in 1991 and after a 'getting-to-know-ya' period that involved skiing, boating and Motorhoming we were married on April Fool's Day 2000.
    One of the first things that we discovered about ourselves during our 'courtship' was our shared love of being on the water on a boat. We're not necessarily into fishing or water skiing - just the pure joy of cruising to different places and meeting wonderful people who shared our desire for this life-style.
    Our first boat was a 25' Seaward sailboat, that was trailerable and we named her 'Dragonfly' because of our love of dragonflies. She had a 24", shoal-draft, wing keel, which meant that we could trailer and sail her almost anywhere, and we did.
   Our favorite destinations included the islands East of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, which is where the photo at right was taken.
    We kept 'Dragonfly' moored at the local marina in Camas/Washougal, and we would periodically cruise out into the Columbia River. We had wonderful times, but fighting the river's current in a boat that could only make six knots eventually became so tiring that we decided to sell 'Dragonfly' and save for a boat that would have a bit better performance. We did finally sell her after a 4 year love affair.
And time crawled by ...
     Now ... here it is - April, 2009 - and things have really changed! Our liveaboard boat idea has pretty much sunk, due to economic and other considerations. We have decided to return to Motorhomes.
    We started out way back before we had our sailboat with a Winnebago 34' Class 'A' coach that was a 'theft recovery' at a real good price. Well ... there were many reasons for the 'good' price. Hey .. if anything, it was an experience builder! We parted company with the coach after a couple of years.
    Three years ago we purchased a used Class 'C' coach manufactured by Forest River that was 23.5 feet long from an RV rental outfit. It was a great little Motorhome for taking trips around the Pacific Northwest, as we could take Mo & Georgy with us and not worry about 'cat friendly' lodging.
    After 2 years and the rise of gas prices, plus a lack of using it, we decided to sell it.
    So ... back to the present. Having weighed the pro's and con's of a live-aboard boat vs a diesel pusher, 40' Motorhome we have decided on the Motorhome. We still plan on visiting most of the places we want to see ... we'll just keep our feet dry!
were looking at Motorhomes but decided that our moneys would go further by going another route. We first purchased an Interstate cargo trailer and converted it into a toyhauler. We pulled that on it's maiden voyage to Billings, MT with our Toyota 4 Runner. It worked out very well, but we decided that it was quite a bit for the 4 Runner.
   We went looking for something else to tow with. What we found was a good deal on a 2004 Ford F-350 Lariat Crew Cab 4X4 long bed pickup. That was on a Sunday. The next Tuesday we found, and purchased, a 2007 (brand new) 8 1/2' Alpenlite camper. We now have our 'leDragonfly'! It seems to be ideal for us (plus our two Maine Coon cats).
   Well ... that didn't last long! While in Florence, OR we saw and purchased a Forest River Sandpiper Sport 38' 5th wheel. I think we're there now!  !
    Cats! Did I mention our two cats?! We have two Maine Coon cats that are very much a part of our family. They are named Mozie and Georgy and we are intensely looking forward to the transition from living as 'landlubbers' to that of becoming full-time RVer's with them. Should be a HOOT!
    So ... that is where we stand as of April, 2009. I (Bob) am back to the ranks of the retired and I am making preparations for our transition to 'Snowbirding'. Shirlee will retire at some time in the near future and we will start our adventure.
    If you care to, you may now follow our progress by clicking on the link to our 'Log Book' below. We have started officially making entries, begining with our toyhaler adventures on our trip to Billings, MT for 'StarDays 2009 last July, so come on aboard!.
Pendar Island, east of Vancouver Island, B.C.
Us aboard 'Dragonfly' while moored at
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Here it is now, January 2010 already! Can you believe it? Shirlee retired last July. She & I have been planning all winter for our first major odyssey. We depart late February, 2010, for a three month, nine thousand mile trip that will take us as far south as North Padre Island, TX, as far east as the  Florida panhandle, as far north as Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada and then returning home, seeing all the sights along the way. That oughta be a pretty good 'shake-down' cruise!